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RPO. What is it and why you need it?

Recruitment Process Outsourcing is a scalable workforce solution in which a business transfers all or part of its permanent recruitment to an external provider. An RPO service provider doesn’t just fill permanent roles on an ad hoc basis, it embeds itself within an organization, fundamentally changing the way a business hires permanent talent. Brunel provides RPO solutions in all of the core disciplines that we serve including: oil and gas, mining, renewables, and life sciences.

Recruiting Agency vs RPO. What's the difference?

Though no two solutions are the same, a good RPO solution is strategic. In all cases, RPO providers manage clients’ entire recruitment cycle, operating as a seamless partner. The focus is on building a strategic recruitment program that attracts, recruits and retains high-quality, full-time, permanent employees. 

Staffing agencies, which operate on a reactive recruitment model, work on a requisition-to-requisition basis. Brunel as an RPO provider assumes the responsibility of recruitment results during the partnership and manages clients’ entire recruitment cycle, operating as a seamless partner. 

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Jaime Alvarez, RPO Director - Brunel

Benefits of RPO

With hiring fluctuations through the year, recruitment will be done on a project or on-demand basis. Ensuring that at every point in time, the right number of the most skilled persons are hired to fill workforce positions.

All recruitment marketing is done under the customer’s brand. Jobs are marketed through the client's job boards, social media, referrals, and networking to drive candidate exposure while enforcing the employer brand of the organization.

Local law consultancy. Minimize risk and liability in the hiring process as governing hiring rules continually evolve.

Providing the best quality, job-specific hiring options within the shortest possible time frame from experienced recruiters. Access to exclusive talent and detailed, extensive database of hard to find personnel needed to fill crucial job positions.

Controlled cost and predictability with exact cost per hire and monthly management fee.

Is Diversity, Equality and Inclusion part of your hiring strategy? If not, it should be. Everyone is struggling to find their path and change the status quo. Our tailored focus on DE&I hiring can help you identify your own challenges and adapt to a more inclusive culture.

We're here to help connect you to the talent you need to succeed.

Companies who use an RPO partner are 59% more likely to successfully establish a talent pipeline for their open positions than companies who don't have an RPO.

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