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More than 45 years of experience in Oil and Gas recruitment and workforce services 

Brunel successfully delivers global workforce solutions to every phase of a project’s lifecycle. We have been doing this for over 45 years. The Oil and Gas industry faces unprecedented challenges. With increased pressure, regulations and price volatility, the industry needs more flexibility and expertise than ever. Brunel successfully delivers global workforce solutions to every phase of a project’s lifecycle. We have been doing this for over 45 years.

Solutions Provided by Brunel

✔ Project solutions, execution & delivery capability
✔ Statement of Work (SoW) / Project Management
✔ Contract (PMC) services
✔ Project resourcing & global mobility
✔ Pre-assignment medical checks
✔ Background, reference, D&A & certification checks
✔ Immigration & logistics
✔ Travel & medical insurances incl. 24/7 medical evacuation & repatriation
✔ Emergency response services
✔ Risk management tools (intelligence, briefing, tracking, reporting)
✔ In-country support & local compliancy
✔ Finance & KPI reporting
✔ Risk analysis & mitigation, cost efficiency intelligence
✔ International assignment benchmark data
✔ Training & (re)certifications
✔ HSE / HUET / BOSIET or similar courses

Powering your Business with our Talented Specialists

Brunel’s passion for people is the inspiration behind connecting talented specialists with our clients. By doing so, both parties have the opportunity to develop and drive the boundaries of innovation and successfully elevate any business to the next level. 

Engaging with Brunel guarantees high quality workforce solutions combined with experience and integrity. We believe in developing the skills of our specialists and are committed to invest in people who will support our partners in contributing to a smarter world.

[Brunel's services] have ensured that we have the staffing required to keep the facilities staffed with highly qualified personnel. Their attention to details and frequent communication with not only myself but the contractors has been very valuable in ensuring the needs of the company and contractor are met.

Instrument and Electrical Supervisor — Major Global Operator