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Oil and Gas

Finding the smartest professionals to help you fuel the world

The oil and gas industry continues to face unprecedented challenges. With increased pressure, regulations and price volatility combined with a consistently strong global demand for oil & gas, the industry needs flexibility and expertise now more than ever. We offer tailor-made workforce services and solutions on a global basis. 

Oil & Gas: The Challenge

  • ■ Multiple global projects often results in different suppliers in each location, making it harder to guarantee the same service standards globally
  • ■ It is unusual for one company to offer both custom designed and flexible workforce services with access to top talent across all stages of the oil and gas life cycle (upstream, midstream, downstream and petrochemicals)
  • ■ A strong and unified compliance strategy is difficult to achieve worldwide
  • ■ The current and impending retirement of the industry’s most experienced workers will increase demand for younger skilled professionals — resulting in heightened competition for finding and retaining top industry talent

The Brunel Solution

  • ■ Standardized global compliance: You can rely on the same service standards, financial strength and compliancy levels worldwide — all from one dedicated global partner
  • ■ All your talent in one place: We provide unique talent acquisition tools and a seasoned pool of global experts for all phases of your oil & gas project, saving you time and money
  • ■ Global mobility and local connections: We onboard, mobilise and relocate teams of experts quickly, safely, and compliantly
  • ■ Safety prioritized: We have extensive insurance packages and unrivaled risk management tools in intelligence, briefing, tracking and reporting — helping you minimize the chance of emergency evacuations
  • ■ Global network & experience: With 5 global hubs and offices in over 40 countries, we have the global infrastructure and experience to support employment & tax compliancy, risk analysis & mitigation, cost efficiency intelligence & market benchmarks for all international assignment locations
  • ■ Variation of services: From service contracts (SoW / PMO / PMC), vendor inspection and training to HSE & risk assessments, global mobility, contract assignment & secondment
  • ■ Partnerships: Proven track record of managing (international) projects exclusively with a willingness to invest in new frontiers and territories

Candidates: looking for oil & gas jobs? You’re at the right place

Generating hundreds of billions in revenue each year worldwide, the oil & gas industry is considered the world’s largest in dollar value — meaning there’s never a shortage of demand for talent in engineering, technical, administrative and corporate roles.

The opportunities are there, but working with an experienced partner like Brunel is essential to landing your dream role. Whether you’re young and ambitious or have decades of experience, we can guide you on a new path to success. Want to get started?

Full services across all project phases within the up-, mid- and downstream sectors:

■ Contracting & Secondment
■ Permanent/Direct Recruitment
■ Project Management Office
■ Statement of Work
■ Global Mobility & Immigration
■ Food, Accommodation, and Transport (FAT)
■ Health, Safety & Environment (HSE)
■ Technical Training
■ Third Party (TPI) Vendor Inspection
■ Maintenance
■ Construction
■ Talent Acquisition (TAC) & Campus Recruitment
■ New Location Startup
■ Co-Employment
■ Commissioning
■ Maintenance Excellence Training
■ Offshore
■ Career Industry Training

Over 45 years of experience in providing experts in:

  • ■ Exploration (Geoscience, Reservoir Engineering, Drilling)
  • ■ Front End Engineering & Design (FEED)
  • ■ Engineering Procurement & Construction (EPC)
  • ■ Hook-up and Commissioning (HUC)
  • ■ Heavy Lifting & Installation
  • ■ Pipelay Construction & Installation
  • ■ Operations & Maintenance (O&M)
  • ■ Decommissioning
  • ■ On and Offshore Facilities 

Other Brunel Industries

  • automotive welding

  • Infrastructure

  • Mining

  • Renewable Energy