Matching ambitious management, engineers & personnel to mining projects worldwide

With resource scarcity and market uncertainty making mining projects increasingly complex, the pressure to work efficiently, safely and cost-effectively is higher than ever. To stay competitive, companies need a smart, flexible and ambitious workforce — from trades and craft to engineers and corporate personnel, Brunel has the talent and workforce packages your mining project needs to thrive. 

Mining: The Challenge

  • ■ The impending retirement of the industry’s most experienced workers will increase the demand for younger skilled professionals who lack industry experience
  • ■ In an industry laden with large, complex and dangerous machinery, it’s crucial to invest in intensive training
  • ■ Having a strong and unified safety compliance strategy is difficult to achieve worldwide
  • ■ Social, environmental and geopolitical factors are forcing the industry to innovate in new ways
  • ■ The industry’s ever-evolving nature, coupled with social, environmental and geopolitical factors requires new innovations, ideas and people

The Brunel Solution

  • ■ Fast access to top talent: Our custom workforce solutions include temporary personnel services, service contracts and work contracts — right when you need them
  • ■ Global mobility and local connections: With five global hubs and offices in over 40 countries, we can quickly identify talent in the region where your project is located or mobilise specialists from around the world — the choice is yours
  • ■ Custom training platforms: From teaching new trainees to upskilling experienced candidates, our tailor-made training solutions integrate directly into your project
  • ■ Safety prioritized: With emergency help available 24/7, our extensive Safety Management System gives you peace of mind
  • ■ Details, covered: From payroll and catering to HSE and safety, we cover it all so you can focus on what matters
  • ■ Pre-employment screening: Ensuring the right people work on your team

Candidates: Looking for mining jobs? You're at the right place

As the mining industry’s needs evolve, so does the demand for talent to work within it. Employers are seeking candidates who possess not just the requisite qualifications and technical skills, but also ingenuity, passion and a strong work ethic. Want to get started?

Mining Roles We Can Fill with Top Talent:

  • ■ Project Managers
  • ■ Maintenance Managers
  • ■ Production Supervisors
  • ■ Fixed plant maintenance
  • ■ Mechanical Engineers
  • ■ Production Superintendents
  • ■ Mining Engineers
  • ■ Leading Hands
  • ■ Underground Mine Management
  • ■ Underground Mining Operators
  • ■ CDL Drivers
  • ■ Geologists
  • ■ Processing Plant Engineers
  • ■ Mine Managers
  • ■ Processing
  • ■ Ultra Class Truck Operators
  • ■ Heavy Duty Vehicle Mechanics 
  • ■ Trainee Operators
  • ■ Excavator Operators
  • ■ Dozer Operators

Full Services to Transform your Mining Project:

  • ■ Contracting & Secondment 
  • ■ Permanent/Direct Recruitment
    • ■ Project Management Office/Service
  • ■ Statement of Work
  • ■ Global Mobility & Immigration
  • ■ Technical Training
  • ■ Third Party (TPI) Vendor Inspection
  • ■ Talent Acquisition and Campus Recruitment (TAC)
  • ■ New Location Startup
  • ■ Co-Employment
  • ■ Maintenance Excellence Training
  • ■ Career Industry Training
  • ■ Safety Management System

Providing Specialists Across All Mining Phases In:

■ Engineering and feasibility
■ Mining production
■ Commissioning and decommissioning
■ Construction, operations and maintenance 
■ Mobile and fixed plant maintenance 
■ Drill and blast
■ Health, safety, environment and quality
■ Project management, project controls and services 
■ Supply chain management
■ Geophysics
■ Design & Development
■ Reclamation & Remediation 

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    Oil & Gas

  • Renewable Energy