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The source of energy

Our focus in this division is on delivering recruitment and management support services to the global renewable energy market. From sourcing individual specialists to complete team provision, for all phases of the project’s lifecycle, our expertise is unsurpassed when it comes to finding the perfect match for our clients and specialists.

The use of wind energy at sea requires complex technological and logistical expertise. With Europe’s status as an important hub for the renewable market, we have a notably strong track record here: we’ve contributed to several offshore wind farm projects along the North Sea coasts, spanning the UK to Denmark to Germany. Our specialists bring both know-how and experience to this growing sector, whether in production, conversion, storage, monitoring or distribution, helping to bring you to the next level in this new energy era. 

At Brunel we offer a wide range of highly specialist services to the renewable energy sector.

Recruitment and HR services
Whether you need to grow or expand your workforce or (temporarily) hand over your HR responsibilities, Brunel is here to support you. Whether you need to inject knowledge into your business or increase your time and flexibility, we can take care of your people so that you can take care of your business.

Our Commitment
Whatever your sourcing challenges, Brunel has solutions. Our international community connects you with local cultures and talents. We ensure compliance with local legislation. We manage local taxes and insurance. And we give you access to a global workforce. We handle all the details, so your staffing remains carefree and streamlined.

Global Mobility
Relocating your employees is serious business. You need to be sure your people are safe and secure at their new location and that they are able to work and succeed in their new surroundings. Brunel takes care of your people, from moving to settling in. We make mobility feel like coming home.

Our Commitment
Whether you’re moving your entire company or individual experts, your people need to feel at home and be up and running immediately at their new location. Brunel offers customisable, digital and flexible mobility services to ensure the smoothest transitions possible. From individually budgeted spending to full and extensive global mobility programs, Brunel offers the right solutions and supports your people every step of the way.

Health, Safety & Environment Consultancy
To keep your business running smoothly, your workforce must remain safe and healthy. From education to compliance, from training to certification and from advice to implementation, trust Brunel to guarantee your HSE is covered, 24/7 and 365 days a year.

Our Commitment
Starting a new venture or improving your current HSE standards in industries like Oil & Gas or Renewable Energy? Brunel will show you how to implement standards, improve safety and safeguard compliance. We will pre-screen and certify your workforce and offer 24/7 emergency risk management services to keep your people safe.


Why Brunel?

While there is still a strong market for conventional power generation, renewable energy generation is a growing force in the energy sector. In both areas, power suppliers, energy suppliers and regulators are all facing the challenges of  gradual decentralization, digitization and decarbonization.

The use of wind energy at sea requires complex technological and logistical expertise, with the local industry playing a pioneering role in renewable energies. This is where Brunel’s expertise comes in.

Global infrastructure; local network
With Brunel as your one-stop project partner, our clients are able to run their projects in the most compliant, economical and cost-efficient way.

Financial stability
Brunel is a publicly listed company – we are self-funded and fiscally sound, with a high solvency ratio. This provides our clients and consultants with the reassurance that they’re being supported by a financially reliable and market-resilient partner – and therefore one that can fully focus on our clients’ projects.

With a vast international network of 104 dedicated offices in 37 countries, our clients have access to specialist knowledge and years of experience in the in key energy and fabrication locations around the world. We provide cost efficient, tailor-made global mobility, relocation and staffing solutions for both start-up and temporary site locations.

We can quickly supply the right people for the job. Our recruitment services can be on a contracting, contingent or retained basis and are custom-designed and flexible. We have a thorough understanding of the qualifications, skillsets, experience and qualities for the positions we recruit.

Complete team provision
We can deliver entire teams of qualified, knowledgeable and experienced specialists for all phases of the life cycle of your project.

Global care and mobility
We offer full support for our specialists for the full term of their assignments – from visas and work permits to rotational flights, insurance and demobilization. 

Payroll and taxation
With more than 40 multi-currency payroll administrations running concurrently each month, our local knowledge ensures that we’re always accurate, timely and compliant. Our specialists are always paid on time and in the agreed currency.


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