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The oil and gas industry continues to face unprecedented challenges. With increased pressure, regulations and price volatility combined with a consistently strong global demand for oil and gas, this evolving industry needs a global partner who is solution driven and understands the challenges and opportunities of the market.

At Brunel, we face industry challenges head on with tailored workforce services and solutions across every sector of the industry so that we can provide everything your oil & gas project need. Brunel's Oil & Gas team offers global mobility, giving your company fast access to the top talent from any of our global hubs. Brunel also offers pre-employment screening and custom training platforms to ensure that you have the right people to work on your team and they are ready to integrate seamlessly into your project. And safety is one of our top priorities, we offer extensive insurance packages and our Safety Management System available 24/7 to give you peace of mind.

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    Direct Hire
    Brunel can eliminate the hassle and find the perfect specialist or executive to permanently join your company for a one-time fee.
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    Contract Hire
    Brunel can find, recruit and hire consultants for you, so you can focus on successfully completing your project.
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    Recruitment Process Outsourcing
    Brunel can take on all or part of your recruiting functions permanently so that you reduce the time, effort, and cost of finding employees.

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