Our Purpose

At Brunel, we strive to make a difference. Every day we are committed to providing and maintaining a safe and healthy workplace not only for all our specialists, but also for our clients and visitors. 


Our definition of a healthy workplace includes working toward positive mental health outcomes based on a holistic view of wellness. Continuous improvement is part of Brunel’s DNA. We establish measurable objectives and targets, consistently reviewing our organizational activities, associated risks, legal obligations and performance. 


As a global recruitment agency, it is in the nature of our business that we sometimes share responsibility for the safety and wellbeing of our staff with our clients. In these situations, we are committed to consulting, reviewing and coordinating activities with all other parties who share a duty of care in the same matter. 

Our Commitment

To live up to our responsibility, we constantly develop and improve our Brunel Safety and Health Management System (SHMS). This includes setting objectives, eliminating hazards, reducing health and safety risks, fulfilling legal and other requirements, defining key performance indicators and conducting health and safety trainings.

We regularly review our Safety and Health Management System to achieve a high level of compliance with all legal, regulatory and industry-standard requirements, involving and consulting our specialists and their representatives. As part of our Wellbeing, Health & Safety Strategy, KPIs are defined and regularly measured, leading to corrective measures where necessary.

Brunel Safety and Health Management System (SHMS)


As a RAVS Plus Participant, our policy procedures have been reviewed and audited by ISNetworld to ensure they are being properly implemented within Brunel. This process includes interviews of our employees to assess their knowledge and compliance with the written program of our health and safety policies. Brunel is part of 2% of companies in the world that participate in the RAVS Plus Audit due to this being a relatively new process for ISNetworld.

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Brunel's planning process for Health and Safety procedures includes hazard identification, legal requirements identification, risk control assessments, and objective setting.

Implementations & Operations

Brunel's Health and Safety policies are implemented through structured training programs for all Brunel employees/contractors and constant communication between clients, contractors, and Brunel's operations teams.

Checking & Corrective Actions

To ensure that all Brunel Health and Safety policies are correctly adhered to, Bruel consistently utilizes performance measuring and monitoring. This includes meticulous record keeping and routine inspections.

Management Review

Brunel's management team routinely performs a Safety Management System Review to audit the effectiveness of the Health and Safety program and make adjustments as necessary.

Our Leadership

We clearly understand that safety is not a tangible item that can be bought or sold, but rather a cumulation of actions and safeguards we choose to inject into our processes every day. It is our absolute responsibility to ensure that every person in and around our organization clearly understands and aligns themselves with this and that the amount of production one can produce is directly related to a simple equation; Safety + Quality = Production.

Professional headshot of Cody Rosier

Cody Rosier

Safety Director

Our Culture

The staff of Brunel take care of their own health and safety and that of others in the workplace. We comply with all approved and reasonable instructions and procedures. Brunel abides by local government health directives and/or specified requirements to comply with these directions. Each one of us positively contributes to their own health, safety and mental wellbeing and that of others, particularly new and inexperienced personnel. Everyone contributes to making Brunel locations and those of our clients an even safer place to work.