Taking The Stress out of International Relocation

Relocating a group of professionals across the world comes with countless unforeseen administrative, logistical, legal and cultural challenges. Celsium Powered by Brunel’s global mobility service covers every detail of the relocation process, removing the stress so you can manage your international assignments with confidence and peace of mind.


Our 120+ physical offices and international partner network allow us to move individuals and groups smoothly and efficiently with all legal requirements covered. Whether it’s a CEO or recent graduate; temporary or long-term; or individual or group, our flexible, hands-on and personalized approach makes mobility feel like coming home.

Mobilize your workforce today

Detail Oriented

Our support includes all paperwork and planning for visa and immigration, travel and logistics, orientation, home search, tenancy management, departure services, temporary accommodation, school search, area information guides, cultural training, language training, furniture and appliance rental, immigration, household good shipments, expense management, group move management, policy build and benchmark, global payroll, HR support, recruitment and tax services.

A single point of contact

Each individual relocating has a unique set of requirements and circumstances. Brunel assigns a single point of coordination, a Personal Coordinator, to guide and support your employees through every step of the process until they are happily settled in their new location.

Local experts in 180+ countries

Through our Celsium service, Brunel has access to an extensive network of qualified consultants in over 180 countries. No matter where you need to relocate or mobilise your people, our local experts will be on hand to streamline their journey and minimise bureaucracy and red tape.

International Communication Issues, Solved

Our market research shows the biggest relocation service challenge is communication. Standard office hours don’t work with relocation — so we let you choose the hours and time zones we operate.

Helping your team to adapt quickly

Employees adjust best to relocation when they have resources to help them adapt. We provide access to language and culture trainings, insights into customs and social cues, integration support and more.

Cloud-Based Software, Accessible Anywhere

Our Personal Coordinators use the most up-to-date cloud-based relocation management software to store all client information, contacts, milestone information, documents and communications in one central location.

Mobilise your workforce with Brunel

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