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Due to a rapidly growing and aging population, evolving healthcare systems, finite natural resources and global medical shortages, there is a global increase in demand for quality medicine and food production. Life Sciences is rapidly evolving with new automation and digitization, increasing the need for skilled professionals. To keep your business growing, Brunel provides the right specialists exactly when and where you need them.

Since 2006, Brunel has provided recruitment and workforce services to businesses working in advanced facilities, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, animal health, and the food industry so they can continue improving our well-being.

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Life Sciences Industry Challenges

■ Technological growth and advanced processes require more specialized training

■ Increased global shortage of critical medical supplies and available healthcare personnel

■ Industry growth and high demand makes it challenging to find skilled experts quickly

■ An aging and growing population places heavy demand on pharmaceutical and food industries

■ Multinationals must keep delivering global products while reducing their carbon footprint



The Brunel Solution

■ Fast access to top talent: From engineering to legal roles, you’ll be confident that you have the most qualified experts on your team

■ Custom maintenance training: our Maintenance Excellence Centre teaches the digital maintenance skills needed to adapt in an increasingly automated and technologically-advanced industry

■ Global footprint and local connections: With local relationships, in-country expertise and established offices in 40+ countries, we quickly find the workforce you need, regardless of location

■ Safety and compliance prioritized: Brunel's high safety and compliance standard gives peace of mind and mitigates risk to your organization

■ Global mobility & immigration capabilities: Proven track record of recruiting and mobilizing experts, backed by reputable local partners

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Clinical Trial Team Lead, Global Pharmaceutical Company

Services to help your Life Sciences project thrive

Permanent Recruitment 
Contracting and Secondment Services
Project Management Support
Maintenance Excellence Training 

Life Sciences Specialties

■ Pharmaceutical 
■ Medical Devices
■ Animal Health 
■ Food Industry / Consumer Packaged Goods
■ Production and Services

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