Project controls manager

What do project controls managers do?

Project controls managers, with their data-driven focus and precise information dissemination to stakeholders, have significant influence over a project's success. They can effectively anticipate and shape budgetary and timeline outcomes. Project controls managers in the mining and oil and gas industries are therefore essential to the successful execution of complex projects.

They take the lead in discussions covering critical aspects like process enhancement, project design, and efficient implementation. They oversee project management processes, ensuring that projects stay on track in terms of budget, schedule, and quality. Their responsibilities encompass planning, monitoring, and controlling all aspects of a project, from inception to completion.

Project controls managers work closely with project managers, engineers, financial analysts, and other stakeholders to establish comprehensive project plans. These plans outline project objectives, timelines, resource allocation, and cost estimates. They are responsible for tracking project progress, identifying potential issues, and implementing corrective measures to keep projects within scope.

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What are the required skills for a project controls manager?

In the dynamic area of project management, project controls managers must possess a unique blend of technical expertise, financial acumen, and exceptional organizational skills. They are masters of data analysis, using advanced tools and software to monitor project performance against key performance indicators (KPIs).

  • Project control managers are responsible for risk management, conducting risk assessments, and developing strategies to mitigate potential disruptions;
  • They are experts in utilizing project management software to track milestones, deadlines, and budgets, ensuring that projects adhere to established plans;
  • Strong communication skills are essential, as project controls managers regularly liaise with cross-functional teams, translating complex data into actionable insights;
  • They are also dedicated to upholding industry standards and safety regulations, ensuring that projects are executed efficiently and safely.

Where do project controls managers work?

Project controls managers are employed in various industries, including mining, oil and gas, construction, and engineering firms. They are instrumental in managing projects of all sizes, ranging from small-scale initiatives to multimillion-dollar ventures. Their roles may vary from industry to industry, but their core responsibilities remain consistent.

Common project controls manager responsibilities

  • Develop and maintain detailed project plans, budgets, schedules, and resource allocations;
  • Monitor mining or oil and gas industry project performance and assess progress against established KPIs;
  • Identify potential risks and develop strategies to mitigate project disruptions;
  • Utilize project management software and tools to track project milestones and timelines;
  • Optimize resource allocation and project efficiency to maximize performance;
  • Provide regular project updates to stakeholders, highlighting any deviations from the original plan;
  • Ensure compliance with industry-specific regulations and safety standards throughout project execution;
  • Maintain detailed project documentation, including progress reports, budgets, and change orders.

Qualifications for project controls managers

To excel as a project controls manager, candidates should possess at least a Bachelor's degree in project management, engineering, business administration, or a related field. Additional certifications in project management or relevant software proficiency are highly advantageous.

Other essential qualifications include:

  • 2-4+ years of experience in project management, preferably in the relevant industry;
  • Knowledge and experience with the Stage Gate Project Management Process (SGPMP);
  • Proficient in latest project management tools and software;
  • Exceptional attention to detail and problem-solving abilities;
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills;
  • Extensive knowledge of project management principles and techniques;
  • Able to collaborate well within cross-functional teams;
  • Dedicated to ensuring efficient project execution and success.

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