FIFO jobs in Western Australia

Brunel specialises in international recruitment, representing numerous leading companies in the mining industry. With a team of highly experienced recruiters covering all of Australia, we are well-equipped to connect you efficiently with exceptional FIFO (Fly-In-Fly-Out) job opportunities within the country. On this page you’ll find more information about FIFO jobs in Western Australia.

What are FIFO jobs? 

FIFO, or "Fly-in-fly-out," refers to a work arrangement where workers travel to a job site to complete their tasks, usually over the course of a week or two, before returning home once the job is finished. 

This work setup is commonly employed for jobs in rural or remote areas that are not easily accessible by regular commuting means.  While on the job, FIFO workers have their accommodation, meals, and sometimes recreational activities covered by their employer. The pay for these roles is usually higher to compensate for the inconveniences of being away from home. 

What are FIFO jobs in Western Australia like?

Western Australia (WA) accommodates approximately 60,000 FIFO workers engaged in mining operations, and of these, approximately 10% traditionally come from other states. Remote regions on the other side of the country also provide enticing prospects, but Perth offers plenty of job opportunities in the Western state. Brunel currently has numerous FIFO jobs in Western Australia available, spanning a diverse range of mining roles and sites.

Types of FIFO jobs in Western Australia

In Western Australia, Fly-In-Fly-Out (FIFO) jobs are an integral part of the vibrant mining industry, offering diverse opportunities for skilled professionals. Here's a list of typical FIFO jobs in WA:

  • Operators
  • Plant and Vehicle Mechanic
  • Labourers
  • Construction Workers
  • Heavy Road Transport Driver
  • Trades Assistant
  • Heavy Duty Diesel Mechanic
  • Hospitality Worker
  • Plumber
  • Carpenter
  • Security Worker
  • Truck Driver
  • Electrician
  • Electrical Engineers
  • Boilermaker
  • Material Logistic Officer
  • Store Support Worker
  • Utility Worker
  • Fitters