Ensuring you have the right people in the right place

You need the right people in the right place. At Brunel we seamlessly relocate individuals, teams and entire businesses to new locations – worldwide, interstate and regional or remote areas. Our mobilisation services are designed to simplify the accommodation and logistics, flight coordination, visa, immigration and emergency support needs associated with your workforce.


Brunel’s specialists have a reputation for successfully navigating even the most restrictive mobility regulations and processes, eliminating many of the risks and uncertainties which arise when securing appropriate visas, work permits or other regulatory requirements. Our experts work closely with all involved to ensure a smooth and efficient transition.


  • Flight & logistics coordination
  • Reliable visa & immigration support
  • Cultural guidance
  • Seamless end-to-end service

Every detail covered

Brunel's comprehensive support includes all paperwork and planning for visa and immigration, travel and logistics, orientation, home search, tenancy management, departure services, temporary accommodation, school search, area information guides, cultural training, language training, furniture and appliance rental, immigration, household good shipments, expense management, group move management, policy build and benchmark, global payroll, HR support, recruitment and tax services.

Helpful and professional recruiter

A single point of contact

Each individual relocating has a unique set of requirements and circumstances. Brunel assigns a single point of coordination, a Personal Coordinator, to guide and support your employees through every step of the process until they are happily settled in their new location.

Business man at airport on the phone

Local experts in 180+ countries

Brunel has access to an extensive network of qualified consultants in over 180 countries. No matter where you need to relocate or mobilise your people, our local experts will be on hand to streamline their journey and minimise bureaucracy and red tape.

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Available whenever you need - regardless of time zone

We understand that whether they are in a new location or coordinating operations from an established headquarters, your people need immediate responses and access to our experts in real time. Our services aren't tied to standard office hours — we work with each client to establish the hours and time zones we need to operate to.

Confident and friendly team of recruiters

Helping your team to adapt quickly

Brunel assists your people to adjust to their new location. We can provide language and culture training, insights into local customs and social cues, practical information on accessing local shops and services, and any other project or client-specific training required for your workers to find their fee.

Mobilise your workforce with Brunel

Talk to Brunel about how our global mobility specialists can enable you to efficiently relocate and resettle workers to, and from, wherever you need them in the world.


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