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Renewables energy has been an active sector for Brunel in 2020. Careers in renewables energy are a great option if you have technical expertise and good soft skills. Project Managers, Construction Managers, Project Engineers, Plant Managers and other professionals are required for renewables energy projects at every stage. In 2020 Brunel US has already made placements at renewable natural gas plants, for scheduled turnarounds for biofuels product lines, onshore/offshore wind generation and utility scale solar power and provided engineering designers for a brand new hydropower facility. Brunel also deliver candidates for Commercial positions which include project, business and financial development for renewables companies.

Jobs in the field of Renewables

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Where we operate and what kind op jobs we frequently have

Brunel serves renewables energy companies in locations across the US, from West to East Coast and the Midwest in between. From California to Pennsylvania, Brunel has provided workforce solutions for every category, from hydropower facilities, renewable natural gas and biofuels operations, solar power generation.  Brunel’s expertise is now extending into energy storage solutions, electric vehicle infrastructure and smart grids. Brunel places candidates at every level. Whether you need an Executive Search service for a C-Suite role at a renewables start up, or you’re looking for teams of onsite construction workers and inspectors to build a facility, Brunel has you covered. Set up a job alert or contact one of our Account Managers today to find out where your skills are needed.

Hydrogen jobs and Brunel

The hydrogen economy is rapidly growing, creating a boom in companies looking to hire. Many highly-demanded skills already exist in adjacent industries.

Project managers, engineers, operations & maintenance, health & safety, regulatory experts, R&D and materials scientists are all essential.

Why work with Brunel?

To prepare for this surge in demand, Brunel has created the world's first accredited Hydrogen Training Program. Together with the Energy Delta Institute of the Netherlands, we've created a post-graduate course training qualified professionals to become Hydrogen Specialists.

Our 45-year history in the energy market gives us a greater understanding of the transferable skills available than anyone else.

Hydrogen is one of the world's newest and fastest-growing markets. Check out our hydrogen jobs below and begin your new career today.


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