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Brunel specialise in understanding the ever-changing digital landscape and connecting businesses with the niche, highly technical and in-demand Information Technology skills they need to achieve their goals.

Our subject matter experts work across a range of software and hardware role types and can tailor our services to meet your needs through a range of delivery models including Permanent Recruitment, Contingent Workforce and outcome-based Statement of Work arrangements.

Whether you need to introduce new skills to your organisation, build specialised digital teams to enhance your current capabilities or are looking for outcomes delivered through a turnkey solution, Brunel has the experience, technical knowledge and talent pool to keep your business’ Information Technology advancing.

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Digital Competencies

Brunel can deliver a broad range of IT specialists ranging from Enterprise, Solutions and Data Architecture, Software and System Design and Engineering, Testing Services, Analysis and Project Management.

Our Information Technology subject matter experts can connect you with Software and Hardware solutions spanning:

  • System Engineering
  • Hardware Design
  • Embedded Software
  • Application Software
  • Test Centre
  • Safety and Project Management
  • Cyber Security
  • Data Science

Permanent Recruitment

Brunel’s permanent recruitment service delivers a comprehensive, end-to-end solution which connects businesses with highly skilled, experienced and niche Information Technology talent through targeted selection, competency-based profiling, and talent mapping using the latest technology platforms and social channels. 

Our IT people experts will seamlessly guide you through each step of the recruitment process, from establishing role design and skills analysis, through to targeted recruitment campaigns, rigorous role-specific vetting and assessment, pre-hire checks, interviewing and onboarding activities, and administrative processes throughout.

Drawing upon Brunel’s well-established local and global talent communities, we provide access to a wealth of quality active and passive candidates matching the specific requirements of your role.

Contingent Workforce

Brunel’s contingent workforce solutions support organisations to rapidly introduce new skills and capabilities to their business without compromising on quality, compliance or attention to detail. With access to specialised skillsets and domain expertise, Brunel can augment your projects with the key skills and resources needed to deliver successful outcomes.

Our hands-on service goes beyond standard recruitment and onboarding activities, providing an additional layer of support once your contractor commences. Based remotely or onsite, your dedicated Brunel management support team can take care of inductions, mobility, payroll, leave and other human resource needs. Our support service can also incorporate overseeing and managing the performance, safety compliance and ongoing certification of your workers.

Statement of Work

Brunel’s Statement of Work delivery model provides businesses with the ability to outsource activities or outcomes for an agreed fee based upon the successful execution of a defined scope, deliverables and timeline. This allows organisations to lock-in the delivery of critical functions without worrying about ongoing coordination and administration activities. 

We strategically align skill combinations to deliver exceptionally productive work units, such as maintenance crews and niche, industry-specific digital technology teams used for the data analysis and optimisation of mining automation systems.

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