Our purpose

Since 1975, our mission has always been to connect specialists to exciting career opportunities, to support the development of these careers, and to offer fair and equal employment. This has enabled us to create a truly sustainable and durable business model. Having a passion for people and caring deeply for the environment is not only part of Brunel’s DNA but is also reflected in our culture and values.


As a global company, we take our social responsibility very seriously and have defined key commitments across our Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) policy that contribute to a healthier planet and a better future for generations to come. All of our actions are supported by our global network of more than 12.000 specialists in 45 countries.

Our environmental commitment

Build a better planet for our future professionals

  • Taking responsibility for the well-being of our planet, we’ve made it our mission to support reforestation and help rid the world and the ocean of harmful plastic.To achieve this, we are supporting initiatives such as ‘Trash ‘n Trace’ through the Brunel Foundation and have started growing the Brunel Foundation Forest. With currently 17,000 trees it is contributing to a better climate and greater biodiversity.
  • Supporting our clients with their energy transition by connecting specialists to pioneering projects is part of our core business. By joining forces with Taylor Hopkinson, our diverse and global workforce will drive the world’s transition to sustainable energy.

Our social commitment

Build a better future for professionals

  • Through continuous development, training and upskilling, Brunel provides job opportunities for specialists and prepares them for future challenges.
  • Brunel creates a diverse, inclusive, and safe work environment that fosters belonging to ensure that everyone feels valued and heard.
  • We positively impact the labor market for people with autism by helping them to unlock their talent and supporting them to find the right job through local autism projects and initiatives organised by the Brunel Foundation.

Responsible governance

Integrity and compliance define our leadership style

  • Responsible governance is not limited to our own company and employees, and we acknowledge that it extends further to our clients, suppliers, candidates, the education sector and society in general.
  • We safeguard ethical behavior and are committed to maintaining the highest standards of integrity with a strong reporting framework to ensure full compliance with regional and national environment, social and governance legislation.
  • It is our utmost priority to deliver the highest level of operational efficiency and the highest quality of services to clients, as well as the best career advancement opportunities for specialists.

Our ESG commitment

Our sustainable business model aligns with the Sustainable Development Goals that have been set by the United Nations. These include, but are not limited to, ensuring sustainable consumption and production patterns, taking urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts, conserving oceans, and promoting lifelong learning opportunities.

Brunel Foundation

The Brunel Foundation was founded in 2012 by Maritska Aarts and Femke Dijkstra, two passionate Brunellers who shared the goal of doing good together. It has grown into a global foundation that supports Brunel’s ESG strategy and the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and continuously inspires us to positively impact the environment and contribute to a better society/


We build a better future for our professionals by positively influencing the labour market for people with autism. We raise awareness for people with autism by helping them unlock their talent and connect to the labour market.  Creating awareness, educating, and mobilising our people to support a diverse and inclusive culture. 


We build a better planet for our (future) professionals by helping increase environmental consciousness and inspire to build sustainable behaviours. This includes supporting the ecosystem through the growth of the Global Brunel Foundation Forest, as well as our Trash ‘n Trace initiative to take action to reduce (plastic) waste before it reaches our waters.


We encourage our employees, candidates, clients, industries, and society to actively contribute to a more sustainable world. Creating engagement on all levels, bottom up, capturing and connecting passion, talent and intrinsic motivation.

Joining forces with Taylor Hopkinson | Powered by Brunel

We embrace the vision of a clean energy future and that is why our mission is: Connecting Renewables Specialists to Pioneering Projects. To lead the way on the world’s energy transition Brunel partnered up with Taylor Hopkinson, a trusted recruitment partner to renewable energy leaders that delivers market-leading solutions within the full life cycle of renewable energy projects.


Together, we will create a diverse, global workforce that will drive the world’s transition to sustainable energy – vital if we want to deliver our net-zero ambition. By combining Brunel’s extensive global footprint with Taylor Hopkinson’s deep sector knowledge, network and track record, we can set a new benchmark for service and quality.  

The renewable energy market fits strongly with our capabilities, our clients and our contractors. The inevitable reductions in emissions of carbon dioxide and the connected energy transition, will expand this market enormously creating extra growth potential in the years to come. Making the connection between Brunel and the unique Taylor Hopkinson capabilities, while continuing to use its strong brand, will position us clearly as the leader in this field.

Jilko Andringa

CEO Brunel

The urgent need to transition to renewable energy generation around the world is never more evident than it is today. With a compliance record that is unsurpassed alongside a truly global footprint, we will be able to support the energy transition wherever in the world our clients are today, and in the future. We are looking forward to using our joint expertise to set a new industry benchmark for outstanding service delivery in renewable energy workforce solutions.

Tom Hopkinson

Tom Hopkinson

CEO, Taylor Hopkinson | Powered by Brunel