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Have you ever tried to master the complexities of international workforce mobility while solving the logistical nightmare of getting your teams to ten different places? Brunel seamlessly transfers individuals, teams and even whole businesses wherever they are needed – from the next state or region to the farthest corners of the planet.


Our mobilisation services are designed to simplify the accommodation and logistics, flight coordination, visa, immigration and emergency support needs associated with your workforce. Our expertise lets you streamline operations, optimise cost efficiency and enhance employee satisfaction. Benefit from our global network, tailored solutions and round-the-clock support. Brunel is committed to maintaining a safe and healthy workplace for all our specialists around the world. That’s why our global Health, Safety, Environmental & Quality (HSEQ) standards are implemented in every region we operate in – to eliminate hazards, reduce risks, fulfil legal requirements and train staff to keep your business running smoothly, day and night.

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Business/Country Start-Up Support

Brunel’s global teams assist you in successfully establishing your business operations in new countries, paving the way to a successful and fully compliant entry to new markets. We streamline your start-up process, help you navigate unfamiliar territory, give you the benefit of quick (temporary) relocations, administration and recruitment services – and continue to support you after arrival.

Destination Assistance

Minimise disruption and enjoy a seamless relocation experience with Brunel. Benefit from our expertise in logistics, settling-in support, cultural instruction and language training, as well as school searches and partner support, ensuring a smooth transition for your employees and their families.

Employer of Record (EOR)

Stepping in as the legal in-country employer, Brunel enables you to expand your business at speed, in full compliance with local employment laws while also mitigating risk. Our global partner business entity assumes legal liability and manages all HR, tax and payroll matters.


On your behalf, Brunel navigates the complexities of global immigration processes – covering everything from visa to transportation and local registration support – enabling your workforce to operate seamlessly across borders. Benefit from a single point of contact, local experts and support to match your time zone.

Medical & Emergency Repatriation

Brunel provides you with 24/7 assistance to guarantee the safe and timely transportation of individuals requiring medical or emergency care. Our expertise in cross-border logistics underpins the well-being and swift repatriation of those in need. Trust Brunel for reliable support in critical situations, wherever and whenever they occur.

Mobilisation & Demobilisation Rotation

Brunel organises seamless transitions for workforce mobilisation, demobilisation and rotational schedules. Benefit from streamlined logistics, optimised resource allocation and less downtime. Trust Brunel for efficient mobilisation processes that enhance operational efficiency and project success.

Mobility & Relocations

Brunel’s global network gives you comprehensive hands-on support in managing the complexities of employee mobility. Benefit from the seamless transition and streamlined relocation of teams and individuals, ensuring the successful deployment of your employees across the globe.

Risk & Security Management

Brunel’s expert risk and security management service ensures the safety and protection of your assets, employees and processes. Benefit from our comprehensive risk assessments, tailored security solutions and proactive measures to mitigate threats.

Travel, Logistics & Accommodation

Benefit from an all-in-one service that brings together our expertise in travel management, logistics coordination and accommodation arrangements. We deliver a smooth travel experience to your employees and ensure seamless operations, saving you time, money and effort and keeping you free to focus on your business objectives.

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Project and Consulting Solutions

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