Brunel’s Statement of Work delivery model provides businesses with the ability to outsource activities or outcomes for an agreed fee based upon the successful execution of a defined scope, deliverables and timeline. This allows organisations to lock-in the delivery of critical functions without worrying about ongoing coordination and administration activities.


We strategically align skill combinations to deliver exceptionally productive work units, such as maintenance crews and niche, industry-specific digital technology teams used for the data analysis and optimisation of mining automation systems.


  • Access hard-to-source skill sets
  • Peak productivity & outcomes
  • Full transparency & accountability
  • Management & administration covered

Rely on a responsible and qualified partner

Brunel manages the responsibility and risk for the execution and quality of work, utilising our access to industry experts, innovative technologies and quality control measures. This includes staff selection, calculation of the quantity of work, quality control and project management.


Your services, your choice

Brunel’s comprehensive solutions offer flexibility and customisation for your specific project needs and unique business goals. We devise a tailor-made strategy based on project scope, business values, expertise required and deadlines.


Transparency prioritised

We remove grey areas by clearly defining the scope and parameters of the project, detailing the specific services needed to complete the project successfully. Transparent pricing and clear agreements eliminates any potential confusion or uncertainty.


History of quality service

With over 45 years of experience in the global labour market, Brunel’s international network can turn your most challenging projects into successful ventures.

A solution tailored to your exact needs 

Talk to Brunel's specialists about how we can plan and deliver the outcomes your business or project needs to succeed.


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