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Some people may think that the words Recruitment and Talent Acquisition are interchangeable synonyms, but it's important for companies to understand the differences between the two terms. You can think of recruitment and talent acquisition as a short-term action vs a long-term way of thinking. Even though recruitment and talent acquisition are separate skill sets, businesses will need to utilize both skills in order to successfully hire and retain the right talent. This blog will explore the differences between recruitment and talent acquisition, and we'll also discuss some helpful tips for internal hiring managers to improve in both crucial areas.

Recruitment vs. Talent Acquisition 

Recruitment is focused on finding and attracting job candidates to your company's open vacancies. This is a broad definition that encompasses many different things, and recruitment can take many different forms. The overarching term "recruitment" can refer to any part of the process including posting specific jobs to platforms like Indeed, hosting candidate interviews, getting candidates to accept job offers, and so on.


Talent acquisition differs from recruitment in that talent acquisition is an overarching, long-term strategy outlook. Whereas recruitment is focused on the "what" of hiring, talent acquisition centers on the "why" and "how". Typically, the term talent acquisition refers to a company's guiding human resources ideologies and the resulting budget planning and resource allocation. An effective talent acquisition strategy requires alignment between the internal hiring team, operations, and senior leadership about the type of company you want to build over time and how you can best utilize company resources to achieve that goal.

Is Recruitment or Acquisition More Important for Your Company? 

Successful hiring requires that your business has a thorough understanding of both recruitment and talent acquisition, as success in either one is impossible without a clear vision for the other. Think of recruitment as a team of competitive rowers and talent acquisition as a boat. The world's fastest team of rowers can't win a race in a boat that won't float. Conversely, no matter how well a boat is built, if any member of the team is rowing in the wrong direction or not pulling their weight, the race will be lost. Recruitment and talent acquisition work the same way in the race for talent.

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Job interviews are a piece of the Recruitment process, which is a part of the larger Talent Acquisition strategy

Connecting Your Recruitment Process and Talent Acquisition Strategy

Perhaps you've never truly examined the alignment between your recruitment process and your overarching talent acquisition strategy. Now that you know the differences between the terms and that they need to work in concert, it can be difficult to know where to start. Brunel is here to help.


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