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Founded in 1975, we are a global specialist delivering customised project and workforce solutions to drive sustainable industry transformations through technology and talent.


With 120+ offices and a powerful network of more than 12,000 specialists around the world, we deliver Project and Consulting Solutions, Workforce Solutions and Global Mobility Solutions that transform global projects in Renewables, Conventional Energy, Mining, Life Sciences, Future Mobility, Industrials & Technology and many other sectors.

Jilko Andringa

Jilko Andringa,

CEO Brunel

Everyone at Brunel lives and breathes our core values: the entrepreneurial spirit, the results-driven mindset, our passion for people and our high standards of equity and integrity. Our global network of specialists strengthens this culture every day through their consistent behavior in line with our values.

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Culture and Values

Our values are at the center of everything we do – for our clients, our colleagues and ourselves. 

Passion for people 





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Brunel Foundation


We build a better future for our professionals by positively influencing the labor market for people on the autism spectrum. We raise awareness by helping them unlock their talent and connect to the labor market in a meaningful way. In so doing, we create awareness, educate and mobilize our people to support a diverse and inclusive culture. 



We build a better planet for our (future) professionals by helping to increase environmental awareness and inspire inspiring people to build sustainable behaviors. These include supporting the ecosystem through the growth of the Global Brunel Foundation Forest, for example, as well as our Trash ‘n’ Trace initiative, which takes action to reduce (plastic) waste before it gets into the water. 



We encourage our employees, candidates, clients, industries and society at large to actively contribute to a more sustainable world. Our aim is to foster engagement on all levels, from the bottom up, by capturing and connecting passion, talent and intrinsic motivation. 


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Brunel Foundation Forest

The Brunel Foundation Forest is all about contributing to a better climate and greater biodiversity. We welcome everyone working at Brunel to accompany us on our mission: to fight climate change together, one tree at a time. What started in July 2021, when the Brunel Foundation partnered with EcoMatcher to plant 1,000 trees in Thailand, has grown within a year to a huge forest of 15,000 trees across the world. 


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Our global network has local power

Beware of scammers impersonating Brunel recruiters

We would like to make sure you know that Brunel will never require candidates to pay upfront fees in order to be eligible for a job opportunity.

A fraudulent scam impacting candidates has been brought to our attention. The scammers are pretending to be working as Brunel recruiters. These individuals offer job opportunities and, in many cases, provide fake documents to make it look as if the vacancies are genuinely with Brunel. Some of the documents even feature the Brunel logo and/or the names of Brunel entities. Interested candidates are then required to pay a (supposedly refundable) fee. In some cases, the scammers try to explain that the fees are necessary to cover the cost of medical tests or visa applications. As soon as they receive the fee, however, all contact stops and no genuine job is ever offered. Please beware that anyone asking you to pay fees as part of a fake recruitment process does not represent Brunel, nor have we ever entrusted them with recruitment assignments.


If you receive such an offer or request or, worse, if you have paid any such fee, we strongly advise you to contact your local authorities, file a report and immediately stop all interaction with the individuals involved. To help us stop these illegal activities and the abuse of our brand, we would kindly ask you to also inform us via


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