Brunel recognizes that Renewables will be an important area for growth and change in the North/South American energy industry over the next several years. Our team will need a proven, passionate, and fearless leader to guide our service solutions and drive our business into the foreseeable future and through any unforeseen changes in such a dynamic space. In that pursuit, we’re proud to announce the addition of Nathália Starck to Brunel as our Regional Driver and Strategic Manager for Renewable Energy in the Americas.

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Meet Nathália Starck

Nathália has had a fascinating journey into the recruiting industry. She was born and raised in Santos, Brazil, a coastal city most widely known as the long-time home of the legendary soccer star Pelé. Always intrigued by new adventure, Nathália has lived in 5 other countries since leaving Brazil - Argentina, Spain, Andorra, the United States, and now Canada – and she is fluent in Portuguese, Spanish and English.

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As a child, Nathália had a passion for ballet. She was a professional ballerina for many years, dancing as part of a competitive dance group from when she was 8 years old until her mid-20s. She credits ballet for teaching her valuable lessons about discipline and being a part of a team that she still relies on in her professional life today. As a university student at Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie, Nathália studied Psychology. While living in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Nathália studied Ontological Coaching as well. Ontological coaching is “an approach to living and working well. Developing a life of deep satisfaction, meaning, and fulfillment.” Ontological Coaching helps people to become more observant, capable of being more self-generating as learners. Encouraging to continually develop more flexible and effective modes of thinking, communicating, and behaving for the benefit of themselves and others.

A Proven Track Record

Nathalia’s first experience with the Recruitment and HR Consulting business dates back to 2005, when she was a member of a non-profit Junior HR Consulting company called RH Junior, which was formed by students from Mackenzie University and Fundacao Getulio Vargas University in Sao Paulo.


Over her more than 15 years in the industry Nathália has built an impressive reputation for herself working in recruitment and sales in just about any industry you can name including IT, banking, mining, oil & gas, energy, and renewables. She has delivered results at every point along the way, including a previous stint as Senior Business Development Manager at Brunel. Her broad industry experience has given her a valuable, unique perspective on how all the pieces of the economy come together and affect the renewable energy industry that is revered among both her clients and her peers. She has senior leadership experience as well, previously working as Global Head of Strategic Sales for another firm. Her time at Brunel made a strong impression on her peers, and her former colleagues knew there was no better choice to lead our Renewables team for the Americas.

Bigger Than Business

Nathalia Starck pictured with husband and young son.

Nathália, her husband Luciano, and their son Noah

Nathália has always been a hard-working, successful woman in her career, but the COVID-19 pandemic and motherhood have dramatically changed her priorities in life. A major consideration for Nathália when deciding to join Brunel was that the company prioritized work-life balance and aligned with her core values. Nathália describes herself as a former workaholic who never took much time to herself or time with her family, but she could tell that Brunel emphasizes the importance of employee having their lives outside of work. She was also inspired by the number of women in leadership positions at Brunel citing the “strong women, respected women who feel fully-supported by Brunel in their career growth and their motherhood” as a major reason for her move to the company, and she looks forward to finding the proper balance between her duties as a senior executive and being a present mother.


Starck’s list of core principles includes open communication and transparency, space to give and receive constructive feedback, and integrity. It’s important to her that everyone on her team “do what you say you’re going to do. Make sure you’re fair with people, you value them, and you treat them as part of 1 team.” As she begins her new role, she looks forward to helping maintain that culture of integrity within Brunel from the top of our Renewables team while optimizing our services in the field to best serve our clients. Nathália also has a passion for studying diversity, inclusion and belonging best practices and promoting equity in the industry. She has invested a lot of her time into studying issues of diversity and has been featured as a speaker by several organizations sharing her expertise and personal experience with the disparities affecting women and other minorities in the workplace. She recalls early in her career feeling like “women had to deliver twice as much as men to be recognized, be seen, or have their voices heard.” Throughout her career she’s dedicated herself to working on ways to close the gaps and change the future of the way we work; something she’s excited to continue with Brunel.

Fun Facts About Nathália

Dance team celebrates numerous trophy wins with group photo

Nathália and her dance team

Of the 6 countries where she has lived, Argentina was her favorite. She also spent a few years in a small town in Arkansas as a foreign exchange student.


When she’s not working, she still loves dancing, exercise and spending time with her husband and son working on arts and crafts.


She is an avid skier; her husband runs a ski school in Canada.


Favorite TV Show: Game of Thrones (except the ending)
Favorite Movies: Blindness, The Truman Show, and Shawshank Redemption
Favorite Music: Brazilian pop music or “música popular brasileira” including artists like Maria Rita, Caetano Veloso, Gilberto Gil and Maria Gadu
Favorite Food: Mexican or Japanese food
Favorite Saying: “Realize deeply that the present moment is all you have. Make the now the primary focus of your life.”

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