Offshore Wind is a key area of growth for Brunel moving into 2022. In pursuit of better serving the people of this dynamic industry, Brunel is proud to announce the addition of David Bonno to our team as a Business Development Manager. David is based in our Houston office and has already made a major impact on the team in a short amount of time.

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Meet David Bonno

David was born here in Houston before him and his family moved to Geneva, Switzerland when he was in high school. He returned to Texas for undergrad and attend TCU, where he graduated with a degree in Economics with a minor in Energy and Technology Management. In college David was an active member of the fraternity Phi Kappa Sigma and was the New Member Educator.

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All about Authenticity

David went into the Recruiting industry immediately after college and quickly fell in love with the work. He’s had several focuses including logistics, manufacturing, oil & gas, and eventually renewable energy. In each of his roles and in his personal life David has always valued authenticity above all else. David stated, “To me, authenticity and being yourself is the name of the game.” He’s always taken it upon himself to become an expert in whatever field he’s working in, getting to know the ins and outs of the work to be a better Business Development Manager. “It just becomes an obsession to a degree”, he says.


Renewable energy and offshore wind are a passion of David’s and something he’s gotten to know well over the last few years in the industry. He’s worked to really understand the technical aspects behind renewable energy and has become a true advocate for sustainability, not just a mercenary salesman. David was a part of a large project to help a noteworthy Dallas businessman transition his large estate to renewable energy and away from fossil fuels. David was able to use his hands on knowledge and discuss the variety of options, rework designs, and create a custom solution and a quality recommendation, and he will bring those same problem-solving skills in his new role at Brunel.

Joining Brunel

David was excited to take on a new role at Brunel because it felt like the perfect combination of all his previous work experience and a great opportunity to expand in the Offshore Wind space. His top priority will be creating new relationships for Brunel within the Offshore Wind sector and maintaining those relationships into the next decade as the industry really takes shape. “The industry is in the relatively early stages and I want to leave a solid impact on the future.”


David joined Brunel in November and has already been seamlessly integrated into the team and making a positive impact. “Everyone’s been super welcoming. Feels like I’ve been here a lot longer than a month.”

Fun facts about David

David Bonno at a ski resort pictured in front of an American flag

David is an avid skier and loves to travel

He loves to travel and is always looking for new destinations. He has recently been to Denver and Costa Rica. His favorite place he’s been to visit is Amsterdam.


David is an avid skier and when he lived in Switzerland, he went skiing almost every weekend.


David has an identical twin brother named Steven.


Favorite TV Show: Succession
Favorite Artists: Flatbush Zombies
Favorite Food: Sushi
Favorite Saying: “Try your best and your best will be good enough.”

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