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Fueling the Future: A Dialogue with our New Director of Oil & Gas for Canada




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The oil and gas industry in Canada has long been a significant contributor to the country's economy. In recent years, the industry has faced numerous challenges, including a decline in oil prices, environmental concerns, and a shortage of skilled workers. However, with Canada's strategic focus on reducing emissions, advancing clean technologies, and transitioning towards a greener energy future, the Canadian oil and gas industry is evolving in tandem with the changing global landscape. To help our clients expertly source these candidates and prepare for the future of conventional energy, Brunel Canada has added Dan Cherry to the team as Director of Oil & Gas. Dan sat with me to tell me about his vision for the sector.

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Dan Cherry joins the Brunel Canada team as Director of Oil and Gas

Who is Dan Cherry? 

So, tell me a little bit about you!

I'm Dan Cherry, and I'm thrilled to officially be a Bruneller. With 10 years' experience in the sector, I’m looking forward to improving our already best-in-class service to our Conventional Energy customers here in Canada. I became a member of the Brunel team in July 2023, and since then, I've been dedicated to contributing to our clients' success whilst supporting and driving innovation here internally during a growth period for our Conventional Energy business. 


How did we find you for our team?

I approached Brunel! I had heard great things about the organization and the local team here in Calgary. Coincidentally, my new boss was working on a new opportunity that aligned perfectly with my skills and desire to be at the heart of the energy industry here in the city, it was perfect timing. The rest, as they say, is history. Prior to joining Brunel, I held various leadership roles within the recruitment world both here in Canada and overseas within multinational PLC and SME environments. I’ve been responsible for finding solutions to my clients' staffing problems across a number of sectors including Oil & Gas and Engineering for the last decade. 


We continue to set the bar on low-emission energy projects, helping accelerate Canada towards its very ambitious and leading net-zero targets.

Dan Cherry, Director of Oil & Gas, Canada

Leading Canada's Oil and Gas Recruitment [No text in field]

What drove Brunel's decision to ramp up emphasis on the Oil & Gas industry?

The decision to introduce a new Director of Oil & Gas underscores Brunel Canada's ongoing commitment to specialize in this critical sector. Our track record in Oil & Gas here locally speaks for itself, and I’m proud to be involved in the next chapter. The energy landscape is unique in how it evolves. This clear new focus allows us to provide targeted solutions that align with our clients in the Oil & Gas space.


What are your goals from here until Q4 2024?

I have lots! But most importantly I want to meet lots of our clients and candidates, whilst of course continuing to spread the word on Brunel’s capabilities here in Canada. The services we offer are far more than traditional talent sourcing and recruitment. They include Project Solutions, Execution & Delivery Capabilities, Statement of Work / Project Management, Project Resourcing & Global Mobility, Pre-assignment Medical & Background Checks, Immigration & Logistics, Travel & Medical Insurances incl. 24/7 Medical Evacuation & Repatriation and lots more. 


How do you plan to execute these goals?

Well, this is a good place to start – coffee anyone?! 


How are you planning on enhancing the image of conventional energy in the midst of a global push for greener alternatives?

Today, whilst we work towards an energy transition, Oil & Gas provides an almost unimaginable improvement in quality of life - its unapparelled in this way. That is my opinion at least. I am very proud to work in the sector. 


It's not difficult to foster a more positive view on Canadian energy. We have some of the most groundbreaking projects in the world. Period. Let’s not be afraid to celebrate that.  We continue to set the bar on low emission energy projects, helping accelerate Canada towards its very ambitious and leading net-zero targets. We have great opportunity here, particularly with several high-profile LNG projects, some of which myself and Brunel are luckily enough to be part of directly. 

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In response to global needs, oil and gas companies in Canada are seeking talent that aligns seamlessly with the prevailing trends favoring a highly skilled and socially conscious workforce. Is your organization looking for a trusted recruitment partner? 


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Dan Cherry on LinkedIn

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Dan and his wife moved to Canada from the United Kingdom and now spend their off-time enjoying the scenic landscapes of their new home.

Fueling the Soul: A Glimpse into Dan's Personal Motivations

So far, what's your relationship been like with the Brunel team in Canada?

My relationship with the Canadian team so far has been awesome! I think there’s been some confusing moments for them due to my accent (although it could be worse, I could be Irish!). So far it’s been a blast. 


What's been your favorite part of the job?

The favorite part of my job is building teams, growing divisions, and setting new standards for ourselves during our process, and in turn our clients. It's incredibly rewarding. And the older (and maybe wiser) I get its important for me to be able to add real value day in, day out. 


With which Brunel Core Value do you most identify?

The Brunel Core value I most identify with is Integrity. I've been around long enough now to realize that nothing is worth compromising it. An environment of trust, honesty and accountability should guide us in everything we do. In my role, delivering a high standard of service and taking care of our people internally along with our candidates and clients is priority number 1. 


What do you do for fun outside of work?

Outside of work, I’ve become addicted to heading out and into the wild west. The mountains have been calling. Whether it be hiking, camping, biking or climbing. You name it and I'll do it. Anywhere I can get to without cell service is typically a good spot. 


And what was moving to Canada like?

Our move to Canada was an interesting one. We arrived here for the very first time only a few weeks before a global pandemic. We can look back and laugh – now anyways!


What's been your favorite aspect of living in Canada?

There’s so many! The people (and their optimism), the powder days at the ski hill, the big blue sky…. so many I can’t give you just one! 


Do you miss the UK?

Hmm... Of course, I miss my Mom & Dad….. being able to watch the soccer at a reasonable time. But not so much the gloomy weather and rain. I’m happy to be an adopted son here in sunny Alberta! 


& finally, what career advice would you give a new recruiter?

"Don't panic!" Recruitment & staffing can be fast-paced and demanding to say the least, and staying calm, adaptable, but keeping your clients & candidates’ best interests at heart will always guide you in the right direction. Good luck!

Director of Oil & Gas, Canada

Dan Cherry Headshot

As a member of the Canadian Senior Leadership Team, Dan is responsible for developing and managing an ambitious, high-performing team in the Conventional Energy sector. Dan’s goal is to provide the best possible service and experience for both clients and candidates. Dan consistently delivers customized, sector-specific staffing and recruitment services with the aim of setting a new industry standard. Dan is dedicated to continuous improvement, personal development, and outperforming our competition.


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