Project Management Support

Executing your most strategic projects

Managing and executing large investment projects requires expert knowledge, global capabilities and professional resources. Brunel has partnered with Joint Efficient Developments Consultancy (JEDCO) to manage and execute your major energy projects for you, taking the stress out of project management so you can focus on growing your business. Together we ensure your project is safely and timely executed, within budget and per your specifications.

From quality management to technical planning, design and implementation, Brunel covers the process from A to Z:

Quality management: audits, supplier management, failure modes and effects analysis (FMEA)

Technical planning: production planning, technical layout, logistic, data management, documentation and assembly planning

Project and process management: including complementary, process optimization, project design, project management and implementation

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Redefining Traditional Project Execution

Large investment projects are often executed through engineering, procurement and construction management (EPCM) models because the client believes this is the only way. EPCM contracts bind you to various sub-contractual relationships that can put you at risk in case of a dispute. Brunel’s Project Management Support Services (PMSS) provide a dedicated team of specialists to manage and execute every single aspect of your project at a lower cost, allowing your own workforce to focus on your core business.

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External Expertise Saves Your Own Team’s Valuable Resources

A shortage of knowledge, capabilities or senior resources can make executing strategic projects stressful and challenging. Our project office creates defined work packages at a fixed price and timeframe while forming project-related teams — saving you valuable capacity. Brunel can offer direct access to a wider array of talent, knowledge and resources.

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Outsourcing More Benefits Within Budget

Brunel offers the possibility to bundle selective work packages together to cover all project management or execution needs. The personal Owners Project Management Team (PMT) can work on a lump-sum basis, a monthly retainer or via a day rate for each team member, depending on your needs. Brunel can offer to engage in performance-based compensation models.

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Risk-free Projects with the Liability on Us

Our goal is to complete your project with less risk and with more flexibility, while allowing a transparent overview of activities and ensuring a strong partnership.