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Brunel Canada adds Donovan Coones to Mining and Energy Team as Business Development Manager






Brunel Americas has experienced tremendous growth throughout Q1 of 2022, bringing on a total of 16 new team members across the United States, Canada, and Brazil already this year. One of those new faces at Brunel is Donovan Coones. Donovan joined our Canadian team as Business Development Manager for the Mining and Energy Vertical in late February.

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Meet Donovan Coones

Donovan was born in Mississauga, Ontario but moved to Edmonton, Alberta when he was very young and still lives there today. Donovan didn’t follow a traditional path into sales and the recruitment industry, but he’s discovered that this is his passion and he’s looking forward to making a name for himself and expanding the Brunel brand across Canada.

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Discovering a Passion

When telling the story of his career, Donovan acknowledges that he took the harder route to get where he is today. Instead of going to university straight away like many others, Donovan went to work in entry-level operations for an oil and gas company after graduating high school. He spent 12 years with that same company from high school graduation until the company shuttered its doors during the pandemic. Along the way he received multiple promotions through hard work and his own competitiveness. He moved from entry-level operations into leadership roles in Quality Control and eventually Inside Sales and Outside Sales where he discovered that Business Development is his passion.


Knowing what he wanted to focus on, about 5 years ago Donovan decided to pursue a bachelor’s degree while working full-time. Once again taking the hard route, Donovan had to get a special exception from the university to take the amount of credit hours he wanted while working full-time. Still, he managed to complete his degree during the pandemic and even made the Honors List.

Donovan Coones and his wife on their wedding day standing on a hillside.

Donovan recently got married in a small ceremony during the pandemic

Joining Team Brunel

Donovan was drawn to the opportunity with Brunel because he saw that the company matches his values and has a lot of potential. When asked what brought him to Brunel, Donovan said, “I don’t give up, I go after business and don’t stop until I succeed. I wanted a company that shares those values and let’s you go after your goals.


It’s also important to Donovan that he’s a part of a company with a passion for people like Brunel. “During my interview process and my research of the company you can tell they really mean it when they say ‘Passion for People’. Working in my previous industry where business was more cyclical, you could see the dynamics change through those highs and lows. So, I wanted to work for a company that was more diverse – both in terms of the business itself and racial/gender inclusion – and valued work-life balance.

 I’ve found that with Brunel.”

Fun Facts about Donovan

Donovan Coones playing golf

Donovan's newest obsession is golfing

Donovan is extremely competitive and has always loved sports. He’s played hockey his entire life, including still playing in a rec league now. He’s a huge Edmonton Oilers fan. He loves baseball as well, but his newest addiction is golfing.


Favorite Movie: The Godfather – loves documentaries as well. Documentaries about anything.
Favorite Music Artist: Jason Aldean – loves country music
Favorite Food: Pizza and Italian food
Favorite Quote: “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” – Wayne Gretzky

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