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Brunel's Medical Device Recruitment Advantage 




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The medical device industry is one of the fastest growing sectors of life sciences. As the world’s largest medical companies and innovative startups alike increase the scope and scale of their investment in med device development, the challenge of recruiting employees for these projects increases as well. In a job market that is more competitive than ever before, companies in need of talent must find a competitive advantage in the recruitment process.


Working with external recruitment firms can be a great differentiator for companies hoping to fast track their talent search. However, not all recruitment firms are created equal, and not all firms are capable of sourcing highly specialized talent. While there are some benefits to working with a more generalized recruiting firm, subject matter experts in medical device recruitment like Brunel are more knowledgeable about the specifics of the medical device market. Brunel’s team of specialized medical device recruiters has the experience, expertise, resources, and industry network to understand the unique skillsets needed to execute every phase of the projects changing the world of medicine today.

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Brunel's Medical Device Recruitment Experts

One of Brunel’s Medical Device experts - Business Development Manager Nick Burns - joined us to discuss the challenges unique to medical device recruitment and why Brunel is uniquely qualified to exceed client expectations in this unique life sciences sector.

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Why should companies work with a specialized medical device recruitment company instead of a larger, more general firm?

“A company that specializes in a niche like medical device recruitment can really put all their resources into that bucket. A recruitment company that's more general in their recruiting efforts, they're going to get bogged down by a lot of different searches. They're going to have a wider variance of candidates, not specialists that fit a specific skill set.


However, a company like Brunel, that focuses within medical device and life sciences, we're subject matter experts in that area. We're able to provide market intelligence through hard data and analytics."

We have a stronger candidate pipeline, and we're able to help with a lot more than just supplying candidates. Because of our expertise, we’re able to act as an extension of Medical Device companies in their recruiting efforts.

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Nick Burns | Business Development Manager - Medical Devices

What separates Brunel from its competitors in terms of medical device recruitment expertise?

"We have a strong global presence and have been in the recruitment world for over 40 years, with more than a decade of experience specifically in the medical device sector. So we are extremely knowledgeable about global medical device regulations as well as the different local candidate markets for talent. We also have a lot of resources at our disposal since we’re a part of a larger company."


We’re able to utilize the sales tools, and the recruitment tools to find the top talent in the market. We’ve also got a strong marketing team to help make sure our brand is out there and working for us in terms of attracting candidates to work through us.

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Nick Burns | Business Development Manager - Medical Devices

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Brunel's Medical Device Recruiters are experienced experts capable of finding the specialized talent you need.

What are some of the trends in Med Device right now that you’re excited about?

"Here in the Minnesota market, we’ve got a strong medical device startup culture and there’s a lot of brand-new companies in Minneapolis that are bringing really cool new technologies to the table. Having a front row seat to see the innovations happening here locally through organizations we're a part of has been very exciting. Particularly, Brunel is a proud member of the Medical Alley Association which is home to the world's #1 health technology cluster, #1 hospital, and #1 place to work.


We’ve also seen the medical device industry work to become more and more diverse over time. Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging are very important to me personally and to Brunel as a company, so it’s been exciting to see that our clients in life sciences are showing the same level of commitment to diversity that we are working towards."

I’m also excited about the stability of the medical device industry. It’s not going to be an industry that declines or recesses in the near future, I think it’s going to be a trend upwards as we continue forward.

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Nick Burns | Business Development Manager - Medical Devices

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Interested in learning more about how Brunel’s expert team of medical device recruiters can help your company find talent?


Brunel’s Life Sciences team specializes in finding medical device talent for Quality, Regulatory, R&D, Engineering, and other roles. Connect with Nick Burns to learn more about our services.


The Brunel Medical Devices team will be attending November's 2022 MD&M Conference in Minneapolis and we're looking forward to connecting with potential clients there! Feel free to email Nick to set up a meeting at the event.

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