Recruitment and workforce services

We take care of your workforce so you can focus on growing your business

Whether starting a new business, expanding into new territory or scaling up your workforce, you need a partner who understands your unique workforce requirements.

From recruitment, HR and administration to global mobility, certification and daily operation, Brunel takes care of your people so you can grow your business. We provide the custom support, international expertise and local knowledge your business needs to thrive.

The Brunel Advantage

  •  Consistent, proactive support, regardless of project size
  •  Expertise in international HR, labour regulations and legal requirements
  •  Guaranteed compliance with local, in-country laws, regulations and ISO standards
  •  Complete relocation management, workforce integration and ongoing management
  •  Risk mitigation and HSE consultancy

Contracting & Secondment

Discovering, managing and on/off-boarding temporary consultants can be overwhelming and expensive. We find, recruit and hire consultants and contractors for you, so you can focus on growing your business.

Contracting & Secondment

Discovering, managing and on/off-boarding temporary consultants can be overwhelming and expensive. We find, recruit and hire consultants and contractors for you, so you can focus on growing your business.

Permanent/Direct Recruitment

Brunel covers everything from the initial briefing to the offer and onboarding, so your company doesn’t have to waste valuable time and money finding the perfect candidates for your highest-priority roles.

Project Management Support

Managing and executing large investment projects can be complex and costly. Brunel has the insight, skills and expertise to ensure your project is executed on time and within budget.

Statement of Work

In a project-based market, outsourcing work  can enhance project efficiency and performance. Brunel helps you expand your operations with cost savings and minimized risks.

Global Mobility and  Immigration

We help get the right professional to the right place – anywhere in the world – and make sure they’re ready to work. From skilled labour to high-level executives, Brunel covers every step in the process, saving you time.

Food, Accommodation and Transport (FAT)

Brunel's all-in-one, standardized, cost-effective FAT services ensure productivity, well-being and work efficiency — removing the burden and hassle from remote site operations.

Health, Safety and Environment (HSE)

Our HSE services ensure employees remain safe and compliant, no matter the project size, scope or location — keeping risks mitigated, costs managed and employees safe and healthy.

Technical Training

To fill the critical gap of IKT3-certified inspectors, Brunel has developed a unique traineeship to upgrade engineers with the right profile to certified IKT3 engineers over a period of three years.

Third Party Inspection

Managing multiple vendors is complicated and costly. Our turnkey Third Party Inspection service and Vendor Management System reduces costs, mitigates risks and streamlines your administration.

Talent Acquisition and Campus Recruitment

Finding the right candidate for the right role can be a puzzle — Brunel’s Talent Acquisition Center (TAC) identifies, recruits and delivers expertise directly to you, streamlining the process and saving you money. 

New Location Startup

Expanding to new territories comes with daunting barriers and administrative hurdles. Brunel’s location startup services take the worry out of relocation so you can expand your business with confidence.

Staff Secondment

Expanding overseas can be arduous and overwhelming. By acting as your local employer, Brunel’s specialized co-contract service simplifies the process through vital compliance, mobility and project support.

Commissioning Support

Brunel partner International Commissioning & Engineering (ICE) manages and executes your major energy projects for you, taking the stress out of start-up and commissioning so you can focus on growing your business.

Maintenance Excellence Training

Brunel’s Maintenance Excellence Training helps clients improve asset performance, realize production goals, enhance operational strategy and remain competitive in an increasingly demanding market.

Offshore Recruitment

From vessels, production platforms and construction barges to drilling rigs, seismic and geotechnical survey vessels, Brunel’s offshore services cover every detail so you can focus on project success.

Career Industry Training

Brunel’s Training Academy screens inexperienced candidates for cultural alignment to your company and shapes their work habits to yours, so you can hire the right people for the right job.