Civil Construction

What is civil construction?

Civil Construction is all about building essential infrastructure related to water, earth, and transportation. As a branch of Civil Engineering, it focuses on designing, constructing, and maintaining both natural and man-made environments. From roads and railways to buildings, water reservoirs, subdivisions, airports, bridges, sewer systems, tunnels, and dams, civil construction plays a pivotal role in shaping our modern world.

As part of this dynamic industry, you'll work alongside talented individuals, companies, and stakeholders to plan, create, and design impactful projects. Your contributions will shape the landscapes of our cities, connecting communities and driving progress.

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What do Civil Construction professionals do?

Civil engineers have a wide range of responsibilities, including:

  • Managing and leading construction projects
  • Designing structures like bridges and dams
  • Ensuring the integrity, quality, and cost-effectiveness of projects
  • Overseeing safety protocols, training programs, and project execution
  • Maintaining and inspecting dams and bridges to identify issues and maintain accurate records
  • Collaborating with other professionals to comply with regulations and ensure material and project quality
  • Using computer software to draft detailed blueprints
  • Having expertise in areas such as municipal engineering, structural engineering, and more
  • Ensuring the economical, safe, and environmentally stable development of construction projects.

Civil Construction jobs include:

  • Civil Project Supervisor
  • Director of Construction management
  • Civil Design Engineer
  • Project Engineer (Civil)
  • Leading Hand
  • Site Supervisor
  • Structural Drafter
  • Site Engineer
  • Structural Foreman
  • Estimator

How much does a civil construction professional earn?

In Australia, Civil Construction Worker jobs offer attractive earning potential, with the average annual salary falling within the range of $55,000 to $70,000. As a skilled professional in this field, you can enjoy a competitive compensation package while contributing to the development and maintenance of vital infrastructure projects across the country. With the demand for civil construction expertise on the rise, this career path presents a promising opportunity for those seeking rewarding and financially satisfying work in the construction industry.

How to become a civil construction professional

Looking for ways to become a civil engineer? If you aspire to a career in civil construction, follow these steps to ensure you receive the right training and education:

  • Choose your career path: Decide between leadership roles or engineering based on your strengths and interests.
  • Get relevant education: Consider a degree in civil engineering or architecture for specialised professions.
  • Obtain necessary credentials: Obtain licenses and certifications like white card training or crane operator certification.
  • Gain practical experience: Start in different roles to learn various aspects of construction.

Find work in civil construction

Brunel has been a trusted partner in helping candidates secure rewarding careers in the field of civil construction for years. Our expertise lies in connecting talented professionals with some of the world's leading civil engineering and construction companies, including:

  • Building highways, bridges, and tunnels
  • Constructing and maintaining airports
  • Designing and constructing power plants
  • Building and maintaining water treatment facilities
  • Constructing and maintaining railways

Working with industry giants as well as various operators, EPCs, and service companies, Brunel offers a gateway to unparalleled opportunities in the civil construction sector.

When it comes to progressing your career in the civil construction industry, having an experienced partner like Brunel by your side is crucial. Our mission is to assist you in finding the perfect job in your desired location. Whether you seek contract work with all logistics expertly managed by us or wish to relocate with your family to a new country, we are available 24/7 to support you in achieving your career goals.

Building a career in civil construction with Brunel

What sets Brunel apart is the unwavering commitment to delivering top-notch services to both our clients and contractors. We cater to all three industry sectors: upstream, midstream, and downstream, with an extensive network of companies actively seeking your expertise. Whether you are an ambitious young professional or possess decades of experience, Brunel can guide you towards a new and successful path in civil construction.

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