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Meet Brunel's New Account Coordinators #PassionForPeople




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Brunel puts people at the center of everything we do. Our “Passion for People” motto is one of the core values that drives each of our decisions as a business and each of our interactions with our clients, contractors, and candidates. A major part of our commitment to Passion for People is our Contractor Care team, whose role is to make sure our contractors are represented and heard at every point of the process. We are excited to share news of 2 new arrivals to the Brunel Americas Contractor Care team in our Houston office: Account Coordinators Abbi DeBeck and Katie Rossmann.

Brunel Account Coordinator Abbi DeBeck smiles and poses in front of a neon yellow sign that reads #passionforpeople

Meet Abbi DeBeck

Abbi is from Willis, Texas but also spent parts of her childhood in Florida and Toronto. Initially interested in Cosmetology, Abbi has found her calling as an advocate for others in the workplace.  She comes to Brunel after having spent several years as an Administrator at a Speech and Occupational Therapy Center here in Houston where she was responsible for ensuring patients were informed about the process and that their needs were met. Similar to her new Account Coordinator role at Brunel.

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Brunel Account Coordinator Katie Rossmann smiles and poses in front of a neon yellow sign that reads #passionforpeople

Meet Katie Rossmann

Katie was born and raised in Saint Louis and relocated to Houston after finishing her Integrated Marketing Communications degree at Ole Miss. Katie initially chose a career in Marketing and Graphic Design but realized that she was a better fit for a role like Account Coordinator that allows her to get from behind her desk, meet people, and help take care of their needs. A gymnast for much of her life, Katie still coaches kids’ gymnastics and is a favorite for her dedication and her humor.

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Being a Brunel Account Coordinator

At Brunel, Account Coordinators live by our core values of Entrepreneurship, Integrity, a Results-Driven Mindset, and Passion for People. Account Coordinators function as a liaison between contractors, Brunel, and our clients. It is their responsibility to ensure that our contractors have everything they need to perform to the best of their abilities and know that they are valued by both Brunel and the clients responsible for their projects.


Abbi described her duties as an Account Coordinator saying “it’s all about communicating with our contractors and making sure they have everything they need every day. It’s important to build relationships with them, find them the correct answers for all their questions.”


Katie spoke on the importance of the Account Coordinator role adding “you have to have your finger in a lot of pots. You have to help make sure the contractor’s point of view is seen throughout the process and to do that you have to have a relationship with them where you truly understand their needs.”

New Brunel Account Coordinators Katie Rossmann (left) and Abbi DeBeck (right) pose and smile together in front of neon yellow sign that reads "#passionforpeople"

Katie and Abbi are ready to bring their #PassionForPeople to our Contractor Care team.

Why Brunel?

Both Abbi and Katie decided to join Brunel because they saw an opportunity for growth and development as they look to reshape their careers. After interviewing for the position and researching Brunel, Katie wanted to seize the opportunity to be a part of a culture that would enable her to learn and grow and to be truly empowered in her work. Abbi, a mother of 2, decided to take a major step up the career ladder by moving on from her previous role at a local Speech and Occupational Therapy partially to inspire her daughters. Abbi said “I wanted to prove to my girls that they can do anything they put their mind to, that they can work their way up and keep climbing with the right work ethic.”

Fun Facts about Abbi and Katie

Abbi and Katie both love animals and have multiple pets. Abbi and her family have 2 German Shepherds and a Sulcata Tortoise. Katie has a dog named Lenny and a cat named Christian.


Abbi’s Favorites

Hobbies: Family time and traveling
Movies: The Back to the Future Trilogy
Food: Burgers
Motto: “Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game.” – Babe Ruth

Brunel Account Coordinator Abbi DeBeck and Husband Tim
Abbi DeBeck's two young daughters, Allison and Stella
Abbi DeBeck's pet German Shepherds, Max and Ruby
Abbi DeBeck's pet sulcata tortoise, Yoshi pictured with Abbi's husband Tim

Katie’s Favorites

Hobbies: Rock climbing, gymnastics, and getting outdoors
Movies: Top: Gun Maverick, The Godfather 2, Harry Potter
Books: A Song of Ice and Fire (Game of Thrones)
Motto: “Everything’s gonna be aight.” – Unknown

Brunel Account Coordinator Katie Rossman sits on a couch in front of a library of stacked books
Katie Rossman climbing a rock outdoors
Katie Rossman and her dog Lenny in front of a waterfall
Katie Rossman on a hike with her dog Lenny

If you’re interested in joining Brunel’s award-winning team, providing industry-leading Recruitment Services and Contractor Care with a #passionforpeople, please view our currently available positions or follow Brunel on LinkedIn to stay up to date.

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