Throughout 2021 Brunel North America has recently seen rapid growth and tremendous success, and as a result we have expanded many of our internal teams. Over the past several weeks 11 new Brunellers have been added to the team in 6 different cities across 3 countries. To help the new team members get to know more about each other and about their new company – getting “dipped in yellow” as our President Beth Bowen described it – Brunel hosted the 2021 Brunel Academy.

From left to right: Michael Leung, Quynh Vo, Riham Hamdan, Liz Gleeson, Tania Balassanian, Leo Lopes, Tatiana Braun, Mariana Viana, Elizandra Vicente, Alexandra Miller

Dipped In Yellow


Starting a new job, especially at an established company, can be a difficult transition. It’s hard to find your footing with a new workload and also manage new social dynamics, especially when you have to do it alone. The Brunel Academy was created specifically to tackle those challenges. The Academy is a 2-week training program designed to welcome each of the new team members to the company, introduce them to their new team members and teach them not only the day-to-day technical aspects of their job but also the heart behind each of Brunel’s core values.


Trust and personal responsibility guides us in everything that we do.

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We consistently strive for excellence with the will to succeed.

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We work everyday to make people's lives better whether they're our employees, contractors, clients or community.

The Knowledge to Lead the Industry


In addition to learning about Brunel’s company culture, each of the new Brunellers spent dedicated time studying the ins and outs of their industries, the jobs they’d be recruiting for, challenges and opportunities in their sectors, and more. Participants would then go on to teach their new colleague about the sectors to help everyone be as knowledgeable as possible across industries. Melissa Rice,the coordinator of the Academy said, “one of the most common problems in the recruiting and HR industries today is a lack of understanding about the jobs they’re trying to fill. A clear picture of what each job consists of is crucial for finding and sourcing top talent.” New Brunellers were also trained on valuable skills such as LinkedIn best practices, attracting candidates online and delivering feedback to candidates.


Not Just Workers


Another key aspect of the Brunel Academy was self-discovery. During the training program each participant spent time reflecting on their strengths, weaknesses, experience in the industry, and personality types. New hires were also introduced to Brunel’s commitment to diversity and inclusion during an unconscious bias training titled “Thriving Across Our Differences”. Additionally an HR Manager at Brunel, Katie Bozant, lead a workshop to discover meaningful insights into the ways participants like to work and communicate. Brunel highly values personal development and invests a great deal of time and resources into each employee’s personal growth, and the Academy was a taste of what new Brunellers can look forward to in that regard.

Professional headshot of Alexandra Miller

New Hire - Alex Miller

Alex Miller, a Jr. Recruitment Consultant based in Houston, Texas took part in the Academy. Alex said of the experience “it was really nice to know that you weren’t the only person going through training. We all had different levels of experience in the industry and that really helped. It was a great way to get everybody talking to each other and gaining different perspectives. Now I feel like I have a go to team.”

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The Virtual Vultures

Our class of new Brunellers voted on a team name to rally behind during the program. The Academy participants chose the nickname “Virtual Vultures” as suggested by Riham Hamdan – a new Recruitment Consultant based in Ontario. Brunel Academy took place virtually with team members across the continent so that piece was the easy part. Riham suggested the name Vultures to “symbolize being on the hunt whether it’s BDs on the hunt for clients or Recruiters on the hunt for the best possible candidates. We also took into account the real characteristics of a vulture that could apply to us in our roles such as patience, spotting great opportunities and having a wide range of vision and looking at the bigger picture. And vultures fly together in groups when hunting so that’s also a nice symbol for teamwork!”

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Virtual Vulture Top Performer

Liz Gleeson, a Business Development Manager based in Vancouver, received the Virtual Vulture Top Performer Award for being a standout throughout the 2 weeks of training. Her knowledge of her industry – Food, part of the Life Sciences sector – earned her recognition company-wide.

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Passion for People Peer Award

Tania Balassanian, a Business Development Manager based in Montreal, received the Passion for People Peer Award. She was nominated by her fellow Academy graduates for being the most compassionate and helpful of each attendee and showing the true meaning of Brunel’s Passion for People.

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Congratulations to our Brunel Academy Graduates

Brunel congratulates each Brunel Academy graduate on completing the Brunel Academy program and we look forward to seeing each of you going on to do amazing things in your Brunel careers.

Brunel’s Life Sciences team is still expanding. If you are interested in working for Brunel please see our available positions below.

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