Houston, Texas is a world-renowned hub of innovation and activity in the energy sector and as a result, Brunel’s Houston team is directly on the pulse of what’s happening in the market. Brunel’s mission to maintain a global network of talented specialists and connect them with pioneering projects around the world starts with cultivating relationships right in our own backyard.

Brunel Co-hosts Offshore Wind Happy Hour

To that end, Brunel recently co-hosted an in-person event to safely bring together the Offshore Wind community of Houston for some casual networking. The Offshore Wind Drinks Community was originally an online community created by KC Sahl, a New York City based professional in the industry, during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. The group grew from about 100 people when it started to over 800 members around the world looking to learn about the industry and listen to key players and history makers. As in-person events begin to return, on July 29th the Offshore Wind Drinks Community hosted Happy Hours across 25 different cities around the globe, choosing Brunel as their co-host for the event in Houston.

Brunel employees and clients at happy hour

Meet Maria Shchelokova

The Houston event was attended by about 70 people including representatives from notable companies in the industry like WSP, Tetra Tech, Thrustmaster, Blue Boats Subsea, Fisher Offshore and many others. Maria Shchelokova - a Recruitment Consultant for Brunel in Renewable Energy - spearheaded the event for Brunel. Maria is a proven recruiter of elite talent for all sectors of renewable, green, and sustainable Energy. Maria has built an incredible reputation in the Houston Renewable Energy community because of her commitment to caring for both clients and contractors.

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Maria Shchelokova - Recruitment Consultant

“Brunel and I are committed to providing the best service to our clients and candidates, that may sound like a cliché nowadays, but what makes us different – is our passion. We love what we do, we believe in our product/services, we have the best team, we are experts, and we care!  We are taking care of every candidate and contractor going above and beyond staying in touch with everyone, providing ongoing feedback and support. With Clients it comes down to priorities, we are here to create lifetime relationships, and we are treating them all with care and respect. Helping them to make their business successful is our goal.”

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The success of the Offshore Wind Drinks event is yet another example of Maria’s ability to connect the top specialists in the industry with companies that are shaping a renewable world. Maria said of the Happy Hour event “it was a great event for us all to network, share experience, collaborate, meet clients and candidates! While technology makes it easier than ever to meet via video, it cannot replace the energy and connection of an in-person event. We are glad people were able to attend safely and to start building great relationships that will last well into the future. Thanks to the co-hosts and everyone who joined us. We are looking forward to see you soon again!”

Looking for a job in Renewable Energy?

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Whether you are a job candidate seeking a position in any part of the renewable energy sector or a renewable energy company looking for talented specialists to take your company to the next level, do not hesitate to connect with Maria Shchelokova to find out what Brunel can do for you.


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Recruitment Consultant - Renewable Energy


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