Brunel’s Passion for People is not just marketing talk. It’s a critical part of our heart that guides every action we take and impacts everything from our organization’s structure to our daily interactions with our clients and contractors. In pursuit of that passion, Brunel is proud to announce that we’ve added Elizandra Vicente, a caring, creative, and committed problem solver to our Energy team as an Account Manager.

Professional headshot of Elizandra Vicente

Meet Elizandra Vicente

Elizandra has had an exciting, globe-spanning path to the recruiting industry. Born and raised in the Philippines, Elizandra moved to Maryland at age 12. She eventually relocated to Houston in 2015 to advance her career.

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Elizandra went to school at Denison University in Ohio to study Environmental Engineering with a minor in Ethnic Literature. Elizandra is also gifted painter and mosaicist who has won competitions across the country and done large projects for schools, charities, and major events but her true passion her entire life has been taking care of others. Elizandra is the oldest of 9 siblings and has always taken care of her brothers and sisters, and that passion for people spreads into her larger community as well.

Peacock mosaic created by Elizandra Vicente

A glass peacock mosaic created by Elizandra

To continue funding her art career Elizandra took on a sales role, eventually becoming a Regional Sales Manager with her former employer. Her favorite things about the position were training the Sales Reps on her team, helping them problem solve and developing their skills. This opportunity eventually led to her taking on a Program Manager position with a staffing agency where she got to continue to guide others while developing their careers.


Passion for People

Along with her art, Elizandra has also always been passionate about serving others. In high school, she established the first Asian-American conference in the DMV area, dedicated to identity development and empowerment. Additionally, Elizandra won a government award in high school for doing over 5,000 hours of community service. Elizandra continues to be passionate about community service and fundraising because she wants to leave a legacy of helping others. Elizandra said about helping others, “if you can influence 10,000 people in a positive way that’s a great life. I want to be the very first person people think of when they need help.”  She currently volunteers for an organization called Operation Smile, a nonprofit that helps raise money for children to receive cleft palate surgery.


Joining Brunel

Elizandra was in search of a company that aligned with her core values of compassion, integrity, and resilience. She stated, “there’s a lot of change happening in the recruiting/staffing industry and I want to influence that change.” A friend in Houston, Brunel’s Angela Tran, told her about an open position with Brunel and Elizandra could quickly see that the company was a match for her, even if that position was not. After interviewing for the role, it was obvious to the Brunel team that Elizandra and her heart for service would make a huge impact on the company.


In late September, Elizandra joined Brunel as an Account Manager for the Energy team, servicing a mixture of client accounts in oil and gas, renewable energy, and other fields. It is her responsibility to take care of clients, find creative solutions to any of their challenges, and to make them feel a part of the Brunel family. A perfect fit for her. Elizandra said of her start with the company, “it’s been awesome. My favorite part is that everyone is helpful and open and the passion for people trickles down from the leadership team to my peers.”

Fun Facts About Elizandra

Mother and child in matching 49ers jerseys

Elizandra and her 1.5 year old son Ian

Elizandra Vicente in process of painting

Elizandra working on a glass mosaic

Mosaic mural created by Elizandra Vicente

One of Elizandra's mosaics

Favorite TV Show: Scrubs
Favorite Music: Hits from the 80s
Go-to Karaoke Song: Killing Me Softly
Favorite Food: Seafood and Filipino food
Favorite Quote: “No one ever made a difference by being like everyone else.” – PT Barnum

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