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Expanding Services and Strengthening Expertise: Brunel’s Life Science Recruitment Team in Canada Undergoes Strategic Restructuring




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Our Canada Life Science recruitment team has recently evolved to expand its reach and improve talent acquisition services. Angelina Brathwaite now leads the team as Director of Strategic Client Engagement, while Ksenia Mosends assumes the role of Business Manager for Canada Life Sciences. The team's enhanced leadership showcases Brunel's dedication to providing top-notch life science recruitment services to a broader range of global clients.

Leading Life Science Recruitment through Client Engagement 

Brunel's Canadian Life Science recruitment team recently underwent a strategic restructuring aimed at better serving clients in the industry. The team's goal is to expand its reach from Vancouver to the maritime line while providing improved talent acquisition services to clients in the pharmaceutical, biotech & medical technology, and food and beverage industries. Angelina Brathwaite, a former Senior Client Partner for Life Sciences and Leader of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in North America, has been appointed as the Director of Strategic Client Engagement, bringing over 20 years of experience in the industry and a passion for cultivating a diverse and inclusive workforce.

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Angela Brathwaite now leads the team as Director of Strategic Client Engagement, while Ksenia Mosends assumes the role of Business Manager for Canada Life Sciences.

A New Direction for Canada Life Sciences

Brathwaite plans to leverage her extensive network to expand Brunel's offerings and provide even better service to clients. Ksenia Mosends, who formerly served as the Canadian Food and Beverage Business Manager, is excited to work with Brathwaite to streamline team management and deliver on new opportunities with a growing life sciences team. Mosends, who has worked with Brunel for five years, will assume a new role of Business Manager for Canada Life Sciences as she leads the team from strength to strength. On top of leadership enhancements, the team has increased its presence in the Montreal area with the addition of a bilingual new business development manager, Tania Balassanian.  Further, the team is actively searching for a bilingual recruitment consultant to increase its reach.  (Ready to apply? Send your resume to


New Opportunities in the Americas

The restructuring of Brunel's Canada Life Science team is a testament to the company's dedication to providing its clients with top-notch service. With the appointments of Brathwaite and Mosends, along with the addition of new team members, the team is now better equipped to offer enhanced services to a broader range of global clients who may be struggling with their talent acquisition strategies. Furthermore, the team is also poised to connect more specialists in the industry with new opportunities, further solidifying Brunel's position as a leading provider of workforce solutions in the life sciences sector.


What is life science recruitment?

Life science recruitment is the process of identifying, attracting, and hiring talented individuals for jobs in the pharmaceutical, biotech, medical technology, and food and beverage industries.


How to find recruiters for life science jobs?

Brunel is one of the top life science recruitment agencies for North America. Explore all our available roles on our jobs page or email your resume to Ksenia Mosends for consideration.


Why life science recruitment?

There are several reasons why clients and candidates continuously choose Brunel for life science recruitment.

  • Expertise: Brunel's life science recruitment team has extensive experience in the industry, which enables us to source the best-fit candidate for every vacancy.
  • Diversity and inclusion: Brunel's DIB commitment ensures that recruitment of candidates from all backgrounds, which leads to a more dynamic and successful workforce.
  • Global reach: Our global presence clients and candidates from around the world.

Contact Brunel's Canada Life Science Team

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Brunel’s Canada Life Science team specializes in finding talent for various roles in the pharmaceuticals, medical technology, and food and beverage industries. Connect with Angelina Brathwaite or Ksenia Mosends to learn more about our services.

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