Become a Hydrogen Specialist, transform the future of energy 

The world's energy transition will be largely dependent upon its ability to integrate Hydrogen Energy into our global energy infrastructure. Together with the Energy Delta Institute of the Netherlands, we've created an accredited post-graduate education course training qualified professionals with technical and legal backgrounds to become Hydrogen Specialists — the first of such programs in the world. The entire hydrogen value chain within hydrogen is covered, from production to storage and maintenance.


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What's the reason for the Hydrogen Education Program?

The launch is in response to critical needs in a changing world in order to secure and transition highly experienced specialists from traditional energy to more environmentally friendlier technologies. Specifically, the Paris Climate Agreement aims to reduce CO2 emissions, accelerate the energy transition and increase energy efficiency. Hydrogen offers countless opportunities for this, with potential to make a major contribution to industry, mobility and the built environment. The EU is investing € 250 billion (€ 4.5 billion in NL). Thus, the demand for Hydrogen Specialists is high. As highlighted in the industry results of Brunel and’s annual survey, one third of the oil and gas workforce is looking for new opportunities in renewable energy.

Who is the Hydrogen Education Program for?

The course is intended for experienced technical and legal professionals who wish to grow their knowledge in hydrogen.

What does the Hydrogen Education Program cover?

The course will cover subjects like the fundamentals of hydrogen, the production, use of hydrogen (mobility, industry and built environment) and the complete value chain. But also topics like policies, law and legislative.

What are the practical details of the Hydrogen Education Program?

The course will take place during the evening, one day a week for the duration of up to 9 months. The first course, based in the Netherlands, has 25 fully funded places available to people working for Brunel’s clients with over five years’ experience in engineering and legal roles, with plans to launch additional international cohorts once the pilot has been successfully established.

What can attendees expect after the Hydrogen Education Program?

As part of the effort to complete the transition of skills and ensure students have practical experience, Brunel will work towards securing exciting career opportunities for those completing the degree.

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