Enjoy your cookies!

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that a website places on your computer, tablet or mobile phone when you visit that website. Information about your website visit is stored in these cookies. By using cookies, a website can recognize you on subsequent visits.

Different types of cookies

Brunel distinguishes between strictly necessary cookies, performance cookies, functionality cookies and target-group cookies.

Strictly necessary cookies
Necessary cookies are essential for websites to function and cannot be switched off. If a website visitor blocks cookies via their browser settings, some parts of the website will not function properly.

Performance cookies
Performance cookies are analytical tools that enable Brunel to measure website visits. These statistics give us insights into how you use our websites, the information our website visitors are looking for, and which pages are visited the most. We continuously analyze and improve our website to make the experience for visitors as smooth as possible. The statistics that Brunel collects are aggregated and the information is used anonymously. These cookies are traceable to you when you accept cookies, as a link is made between the cookies and the visitor.

Functionality cookies
The role of functionality cookies is to offer extra functionality and improved personalization – such as your language settings and login details – when you visit a Brunel website. Functionality cookies are set by Brunel. If you do not allow these cookies, some or several of these functions may not work properly.

Target-group cookies
Target-group cookies are set by the advertisers on our website. These are used to create profiles of visitors to our website and others, based on our visitors’ interests. These cookies work by identifying both your browser and device. If you do not accept these cookies, fewer or no targeted ads will be displayed across other websites when you visit.

View and change your cookie settings

You can view and change your cookie settings (except necessary cookies) at any time by clicking the ‘cookie settings’ or go to 'Exercise your rights'.

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