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Brunel's global network comprises specialists from diverse backgrounds who assume a variety of roles within the company. Despite their differences, they all share a common trait: an unwavering passion for their work and a deep dedication to our company's mission and values. 

We Connect Specialists to Pioneering Projects

By connecting talented individuals with our industry-leading clients, we give them the opportunity to work on exciting projects that enhance their skills and experience. Throughout the entire process of recruiting specialists, onboarding them and supporting them during their projects, our dedicated back-office teams ensure that every step goes smoothly. From Amsterdam to Singapore, the backbone of our organisation – spread across over 120 offices and 45 countries – ensures that the wheels never stop turning. Learn more about our internal employees and their responsibilities below. 

Our specialists 

Curiosity and a pioneering spirit are the stock in trade of our specialists, all of whom bring diverse skill sets and backgrounds to the table. They apply their expertise and showcase their talent in a broad array of projects across sectors such as Life Sciences, Conventional Energy, Renewables and Mining. In light of global demand for engineering, technical, administrative and corporate roles in our core industries, our specialists are highly sought-after by our clients. Everyone from junior team members to senior staff enjoys constant exposure to new opportunities within our global network, further nurturing their professional growth. Read the testimonials below to learn more about their experience and achievements.

Specialists' testimonials

Meet Brunel specialist John, a Topside Delivery Manager for a cutting-edge FPSO construction project... What is it like to work on an offshore wind platform? Discover more about the wind energy sector and... With over 20 years of experience working at Brunel, Kewarin has dedicated a significant part of her ... Brunel specialist Andre gives insights as a Senior Software Engineer & Data Scientist about Machine ... In her 16 years at Brunel Singapore, Yen Chin has taken on various roles in accounting and payroll. ... Jasdeep is working for Brunel since 2015, currently working on Australia's largest offshore decommis... What can you expect when joining Brunel as a specialist? We’re taking a closer look at Wycher's care... Originally from the UK, Andre's journey to Brunel and Perth is a fascinating one. Learn about Andre'... Rachel is sharing her career journey with Brunel Singapore, where she grew from Administrator to Ope... Cesar joined Brunel in July 2022 as an automation testing specialist, moving from Mexico to the Neth... Ross and his now-wife left Scotland thirteen years ago and fell in love with Perth, the capital of W... Jennifer, who’s been working for Brunel Canada as a Recruitment Manager for over a year now, tells u... When people are considering a career change, most of them think of leaving their current employer. N... Shekufeh is currently one of the top three recruiters at Brunel Netherlands. We sat down with her to... Dirk Lind started as a branch manager in Mannheim in 2004 and is now the general manager of the DACH...

What our people say about Brunel

  • Brunel attaches great importance to employee retention. They truly put a lot of effort into nurturing and developing their workforce, as well as creating new opportunities for them

    Iliana Güntert, Global Content Specialist
  • Cesar Tapia

    Brunel really went out of their way to put me at ease. The support I received included doing all the paperwork and planning for my visa and immigration formalities

    Cesar Tapia, Brunel Specialist in Software Testing
  • Rachel Goh

    I highly appreciate the growth opportunities presented at Brunel. I advanced from an administrator to an operations manager, which is incredibly thrilling

    Rachel Goh, Operations Manager Singapore

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