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A transition to sustainable energy will be impossible without hydrogen. As the most abundant element in the universe, hydrogen will never be depleted — and it will eventually replace oil-derived fuels. To lead this energy transition, help reduce CO2 emissions and meet global climate targets, you need skilled hydrogen specialists on your team.


Wherever your hydrogen project is in the world, Brunel has the expertise you need to meet these challenges and grow your business. With 45 years' experience in the energy industry, the world's first accredited Hydrogen Education Program and a successful track record of hundreds of global renewable energy partners, we are uniquely positioned to help your team lead the transition and change the course of history. Are you ready? 

The World's First Accredited Hydrogen Education Program

Together with the Energy Delta Institute of the Netherlands, we've created an accredited post-graduate course training qualified professionals to become Hydrogen Specialists.

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Why Brunel? 

✔ Fast access to specialists: From engineers to legal support, you’ll be confident that you have the most qualified experts on your team


✔ Custom Hydrogen training: The world's first accredited post-graduate education program teaches the skills needed to execute hydrogen energy projects worldwide


✔ Global footprint and local connections: With over 12,000 specialists worldwide, we quickly find the workforce you need, anywhere in the world


✔ Safety and compliance prioritized: Brunel's high safety and compliance standard gives peace of mind and mitigates risk to your organization


✔ Global mobility & immigration capabilities: Proven track record of recruiting and mobilizing experts, backed by reputable local partners

Successful hydrogen projects we've supported

Green Hydrogen Transformation Project

Location: Duisburg, Germany

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Various Hydrogen (Pilot) Projects

Location: Pilbara Region (WA), Australia

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is hydrogen and why is it so important for the world?

As a fuel, hydrogen produces zero emissions at the point of use. It can be stored as a liquid or a gas, be used as feedstock for chemical industries, fuel cells to generate electricity and heat, all things which combined could see a huge step towards a “net zero” world.

Is hydrogen energy renewable?

While most hydrogen is currently produced with natural gas ("grey" hydrogen) that emits CO2 into the atmosphere, Renewable Energy opens up a whole new world of possibilities to create "green" hydrogen: a clean and affordable alternative.

What is the economic viability of hydrogen energy?

The global hydrogen economy is estimated to be worth $2.5 trillion by 2050, supporting 30 million jobs. The European Union wants to use hydrogen on a large scale and is investing no less than 250 billion euros in this energy carrier by 2030 (Hydrogen Insights, McKinsey & Company), as well as creating schemes to boost sales of hydrogen electric vehicles.

What's the demand for hydrogen specialists?

Due to its strong economic and environmental viability, the demand for Hydrogen Specialists will sharply increase in the coming years. This creates a rapidly-growing employment market in need of skilled professionals to cover every part of the industry. As the manpower services provider of choice to many companies in the Renewable Energy and natural resources world, Brunel is ideally placed to help companies meet these challenges and grow their business.