Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy

One of the fastest growing industries on earth, with tons of different industries contributing to it, renewable energy is the present AND the future.

Whether it's floating offshore wind, energy storage and its never-ending innovation, high-capacity solar plants or green hydrogen, the companies involved need highly skilled specialists. 

Brunel vs Renewable Energy Recruitment Agencies

Renewable energy projects can be complex, often involving various companies in different countries. This is where Brunel thrives and is able to provide solutions which a traditional green energy recruitment agency can not. 

We are the only company in the world able to offer a fully-integrated "whole project" approach.

Our services range from Manpower and Payroll, through to Statement of Work, Vendor Inspection and Professional Employment Organisation solutions.

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Renewable Energy: The Challenge

■ Filling roles globally: It's complicated and time-consuming to find skilled professionals for global Renewable Energy projects

■ High workforce demand: The industry’s unprecedented growth makes it hard to find enough professionals for large projects

■ Finding qualified candidates: The current lack of renewables education and training means a lack of qualified candidates

■ Growth and adaption: The industry’s evolving nature constantly requires new innovations and ideas

The Brunel Solution

✔ Fast access to top talent: From technical to corporate roles, confidence that you have the smartest & most qualified professionals on your team

✔ Global mobility to get your workforce anywhere: We mobilise professionals to remote and hard-to-access sites, covering all travel, visa and immigration services

✔ Local connections: We stand out in our ability to match local professionals with projects that need them the most

✔ Global network: With 5 global hubs and offices in 40+ countries, we’ve got both the global network to help you grow

✔ Every detail covered: From payroll and catering to health, safety and environment (HSEQ), we cover every detail so you can focus on project completion

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Services to transform your Renewable Energy project

■ Contracting and Secondment 
■ Permanent/Direct Recruitment
■ Statement of Work
■ Global Mobility & Immigration
■ Food, Accommodation, and Transport (FAT)
■ Technical Training
■ Third Party (TPI) Vendor Inspection
■ Talent Acquisition (TAC) & Campus Recruitment
■ New Location & Startup
■ Staff Secondment
■ Maintenance Excellence Training
■ Offshore
■ Career Industry Training

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Contract & Permanent Recruitment for Global Renewable Energy Projects

Contract Recruitment: Temporary expertise when and where you need it
Finding, managing and on/off-boarding consultants for temporary renewable energy projects can be an overwhelming and expensive process. We find, recruit and hire contractors for you, so you can focus on successfully completing your project. Our quick and flexible services save you valuable administration time and money.

Permanent Recruitment: Identifying long-term talent to grow with your company
Finding highly qualified candidates for long-term positions requires time and specialized searches. Our all-inclusive permanent recruitment service covers the entire process, from the initial briefing to the offer and onboarding. We partner with you to thoroughly understand your business and the traits of the perfect candidate.

Candidates: looking for Renewable Energy jobs?

You're at the right place. As the renewables industry grows, so does the demand for talent to work within it, bringing exciting new career prospects.

The opportunities are there, but working with an experienced partner like Brunel is essential to landing your dream role. Whether you’re young and ambitious or have decades of experience from other industries, we’ll take your raw talent and transferable skills and guide you on a new path to success. Want to get started? 


Renewable Energy careers

Renewable Energy roles we can fill with top talent:

■ Tender Engineers
■ Equipment Engineers
■ Commissioning Engineers
■ Draftsmen
■ Maintenance Engineers
■ Structural Engineers
■ Lead Engineers
■ Project Managers
■ Structural Stress Engineers  
■ Solar Specialists
■ Wind Engineers
■ HSE Managers: Wind / Solar / Hydro
■ Project Development Directors
■ Project Directors
■ Construction Managers

Renewable Energy expertise in: 

■ R&D
■ Planning
■ Construction
■ Installation
■ Commissioning
■ Maintenance
■ Operations

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Worldwide Recruitment Solution

With 100+ offices in 40+ countries, our global network helps you grow and mobilise quickly. We have a regional presence in: 

■ The United States
■ The Netherlands
■ Germany
■ United Arab Emirates
■ Singapore
■ Australia - HQ Perth
■ China
■ Russia
■ Qatar
■ Brazil

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