Tax Accountant

Vacancy number • PUB408387

Tax Accountant

  • Qatar
  • Closes June 20
  • 54 hours
  • Academic Bachelor

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About this job

  • Industry: Oil & Gas
  • Area of expertise: Project Management & Services
  • Location: Qatar

What is required?

  • Hours per week: 54
  • Education level: Academic Bachelor


  • The Tax Accountant will perform controls in relevant areas to ensure compliance with the internal control Framework and will assist the Senior Tax Accountant in being a focal point for all queries related to indirect taxes.
  • The Tax Accountant will be responsible for ensuring compliance with DFA, JVA, and local tax regulations for all aspects related to WHT, retention, VAT and any other indirect taxes. This includes reviewing all the applicable invoices to determine the WHT/retention implication (c. 40,000 to 50,000 per year), preparing the monthly return for withholding tax, involvement in the implementation of VAT in the COMPANY and preparing the VAT return once VAT becomes effective in QATAR.

About this role

  • HSE
    • Knowledge and observance of Company HSE policy, rules and procedures.
  • Taxes
    • Assist the Senior Tax Accountant in being a focal point for all queries related to Taxes.
    • Be at the forefront of the tax development in Qatar and ensuring that the impact of any tax development to the COMPANY is assessed with the Senior Tax Accountant in a timely manner.
    • Discuss and correspond with the General Tax Authority alongside the Senior Tax Accountant on tax matters that affect the COMPANY.
    • Be the Arabic focal contact who will liaise and discuss with the General Tax Authority during discussions and meetings.
    • Evaluate and suggest improvements on processes and controls to optimize compliance efficiency.
    • Maintain and suggest improvements to the guidelines and procedures ensuring compliance with the applicable laws relating to taxes.
    • Discuss COMPANY’s tax position (including tax clauses) and provide a clarification in relating to taxes with existing and potential vendor of the COMPANY by providing accurate / understandable explanation under the guidance of the Senior Tax Accountant and in coordination with tax advisors, legal team, and C&P.
    • Perform the administrative tasks related to tax matters.
  • Withholding Taxes
    • Analize transactions at invoice processing level to determine the WHT implication and ensure that WHT is applied on transactions that are within the scope of WHT.
    • Review and verify the weekly and monthly payment batch with the Senior Tax Accountant to ensure that the WHT rules are accurately and consistently applied during the tax validation process.
    • Take corrective action when required upon analysis and review of the invoices (wrong deductions, payments, etc.) and upon discussion with the Senior Tax Accountant.
    • Perform the necessary closure procedures with the Senior Tax Accountant that are relevant for WHT.
    • Review the WHT account regularly to ensure that WHT is reported to the General Tax Authority on time and prepare the necessary reconciliation monthly to ensure balances are up to date and current for review by the Senior Tax Accountant.
    • Prepare WHT returns and the supporting documents for review by the Senior Tax Accountant to be submitted to the General Tax Authority.
    • Monitor Tax payments (including reconciliations with the General Tax Authority) and ensure compliance with set deadlines to avoid any penalties on the COMPANY.
    • Manage the issuance of Tax certificates in relation to tax withheld, including preparing the certificates, maintaining records of certificates that had been issued and downloading the Dhareeba issued certificates.
    • Provide information, documents and explanations in coordination with the Senior Tax Accountant during tax assessment process by the General Tax Authority and audits conducted by the State Audit Bureau and shareholders.
  • Contract Tax Retention
    • Analyze transactions at invoice processing level to determine the Contract Tax Retention implications and ensure that Contract Tax Retention is applied on transactions that are within the scope of Contract Tax Retention Rules.
    • Review and verify the weekly and monthly payment batch with the Senior Tax Accountant to ensure that the Contract Tax Retention rules are accurately and consistently applied during the tax validation process.
    • Maintain and update the Contract Tax Retention monitoring file in coordination with the Senior Tax Accountant to ensure that all contracts entered with temporary branches are all covered and the position for each contract is documented.
    • Review the no objection letter issued by General Tax Authority and with the guidance from the Senior Tax Accountant, ensure that the procedure for the release of the retained amount is followed.
  • VAT
    • Assist and take the necessary steps with Senior Tax Accountant to keep updated on VAT implementation and related topics.
    • Assist the Senior Tax Accountant in being a focal point on all aspects related to VAT.
    • Ensure the correct and timely implementation of VAT within the COMPANY in coordination with Senior Tax Accountant and the other stakeholders.
  • Contract Reporting (Sales)
    • Ensure compliance with sales contract Reporting requirement in coordination with the Senior Tax Accountant and C&P.
  • Internal Control
    • Responsible for the performance of controls in relevant areas (withholding tax, etc.) to ensure the review of these controls are done in Compliance of the Internal Control Framework.
    • Confirm the performance of the Internal control in e-services as back-up to the Senior Tax Accountant.
  • Adhoc Tasks
    • Any other tasks as requested by Senior Accountant and Lead General Accounting.
    • Be the focal point for tax in the company when the Senior Tax Accountant is not around (act as the back-up of the Senior Tax Accountant)


  • Bachelor’s Degree with specialization in Accounting/Finance/Tax
  • Professional paper on tax or accounting (at least in process)
  • Fluent in English and Arabic (Written and Spoken)
  • Excellent knowledge of Tax regulation in Qatar as per the Qatar Income Tax Law
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Ability to work deadlines with a high level of accuracy, enthusiastic and committed.
  • Good knowledge of ERP system SAP
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office applications (mainly Excel and Word).
  • A minimum of 5-7 years relevant experience in a similar field, in Oil & Gas


  • Salary:
    • Day Rate in USD Plus Allowance
  • Work Schedule:
    • 8 Hours / 5 Days
  • Duration:
    • 30-Nov-2024, with possible extension
  • Location:
    • Doha – Qatar Office

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