Field Operations Superintendent

Vacancy number • PR-231490

Field Operations Superintendent

  • British Columbia
  • Closes June 16
  • 40 hours
  • Professional Bachelor

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About this job

  • Industry: Mining
  • Area of expertise: Operations
  • Location: British Columbia

What is required?

  • Hours per week: 40
  • Education level: Professional Bachelor


The Field Operations Superintendent reports directly to the Mine Manager and holds the responsibility of providing on-site leadership and supervision for a substantial and intricate prefeasibility study program at our client's project site. This entails prioritizing the allocation of on-site resources among a diverse team to meet corporate objectives effectively.

About this role

  • Demonstrate courageous safety leadership, setting a strong example and cultivating a proactive safety and sustainability culture rooted in the shared values of health, safety, environment, and community upheld by the Partners.

  • Take charge of overseeing and supervising all field operations throughout the project, encompassing diamond and sonic drilling, ground and airborne geophysics, environmental baseline surveys, site sustaining and construction activities, field mapping, geotechnical data collection, and earthworks. Ensure that all tasks are carried out safely and efficiently.

  • Serve as a key member of the site operations team, contributing leadership and on-site supervision to ensure the safe and efficient execution of complex, multi-faceted field programs. These programs are expected to involve managing two or more camps, air operations with multiple helicopters, and the operation of multiple helicopter-portable diamond drills.

  • Fulfill the role of Alternate Mine Manager for the Project, registered with the British Columbia Ministry of Energy, Mines, and Low Carbon Innovation (EMLI), responsible for overseeing the site in the absence of the Mine Manager.

  • Ensure strict adherence to permit obligations, legal requirements, and company policies and procedures regarding health and safety, environmental protection, staffing, and labor during field operations.

  • Collaborate closely with various Project Team members, including Technical Services, Engineering, and Social, Environmental, and Regulatory Affairs (SERA) groups, to advance project objectives.

  • Provide geoscience expertise to support project studies and design, including metallurgical, geotechnical, and environmental analyses.

  • Offer professional leadership and supervision for the project site, overseeing drill contractors, aviation services, environmental baseline assessments, heavy equipment operations, camp services, mechanical support, and general site labor.

  • Supervise site operations related to feasibility studies, environmental assessments, and asset management and maintenance programs.

  • Contribute to the design, budgeting, planning, and contracting of field programs in collaboration with other Project Team members to ensure timely and cost-effective delivery of required data.

  • Champion the company's commitment to sustainability, environmental protection, and health and safety, leading by example and fostering open communication and relationships both internally and externally.

  • Assist in contract development and management while maintaining and enhancing project assets.

  • Drive improvements in site regulatory compliance and environmental performance through remediation efforts, system enhancements, and diligent tracking.

  • Develop multi-year plans to sustain site assets and ensure supervisors and contractors adhere to company and regulatory standards, participating in audits as required.

  • Mentor and provide strategic guidance to Field Program Supervisors and Leads to ensure the completion of high-quality technical work.

  • Manage site-based Field Operations contracts directly and ensure contractors receive appropriate supervision.

  • Lead daily site operations meetings, prioritizing safety and efficiency in all Field Program activities and ensuring effective health and safety program implementation.


  • Possess a degree in engineering, geoscience, forestry, environmental sciences, or a related field from an accredited institution, with eligibility for professional registration in BC

  • Demonstrate 8-15 years of operational experience with progressive responsibilities, ideally within the mining and/or construction sectors. Experience in managing helicopter-supported drill programs and geophysical programs is highly valued

  • Have experience in designing, sequencing, and executing exploration programs

  • Demonstrate a proven track record of successfully supervising operations within mining and/or construction permits and establishing robust relationships with regulatory agencies. Familiarity with British Columbia's permitting and mineral tenure systems is advantageous

  • Display a proven ability to foster positive relationships with First Nations and Communities of Interest (COIs), enhancing community perceptions and support for projects, and adeptly managing social risks

  • Exhibit a track record of building and enhancing relationships within teams and with Indigenous Peoples, regulators, service providers, and COIs

  • Experience with Geographic Information Systems software

  • Hold a valid Shiftboss Certificate for Open Pit Mines or Mine Supervisor Certificate

  • Hold a valid Class 5 driver's license or equivalent

  • Have the physical ability to lift objects weighing up to 50 lbs


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