Benchmarking across Mining, Oil & Gas and Renewable Energy

With competition for skilled talent in the Australian energy industry higher than ever before, it has never been more challenging for organisations to effectively attract and retain quality staff. The great resignation, rapid expansion of renewable operations and shifts in what motivates workers of different generations are all contributing to an increasingly opaque view of what workers want from their employer – thankfully, the Brunel Workforce Insight Portal [powered by REMSMART] is here to provide some clarity.


Brunel has joined forces with remuneration experts REMSMART to create a ground-breaking new portal which provides unprecedented salary and benefit analytics based on data from across Mining, Oil & Gas and Renewable Energy all combined within a single multiple-lens platform.

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Multi-industry data at your fingertips

The Brunel Workforce Insight Portal allows users to explore and analyse salaries and other remuneration benefits across all energy industries, empowering you to take decisive steps to ensure your efforts to attract and retain talent are competitive. The portal will enable you to:

  • Benchmark salaries, wages and other benefits for professional and industry-specific roles that are critical to your business
  • Explore salary data across a range of fields, including sector, location, roster and role
  • Generate insights on remuneration trends across Oil & Gas, Mining and Renewable Energy to help you understand competition and movement between these sectors
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Free access for participating organisations

Access to the Brunel Workforce Insight Portal is exclusive and free to organisation’s contributing data. To become a part of this energy industry-wide initiative all you need to do is:

  • Provide de-identified salary data for the professional roles which are covered by the survey
  • Be available for a validation meeting to confirms data accuracy


The Brunel survey will be delivered via REMSMART, with their years of experience specialising in data design and interpretation will ensure that the system behind the Brunel Workforce Insight Portal makes full use of the information within, in a way which is highly accessible, secure, confidential and easy to use.


To find out more about the process and how this new portal can benefit your business simply enter your details in the form below.

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