Solar specialist

A solar specialist is an ambitious, tech and energy savvy professional who understands how sunlight is used to generate electricity. Most importantly, they are passionate about working in the highly innovative field of renewable energies.

Solar specialists can be responsible for selling, planning, designing, and executing solar energy projects and managing everything from installations on residential rooftops to larger scale projects for companies, cities, and governments. They must work with a team of solar and electric experts to ensure that projects are designed and implemented to the highest standards.

Solar installers are generally responsible for installing the solar panels on either the roofs of buildings or other structures. Installers may also be involved in maintaining or fixing the panels as needed. Solar engineers specialize in the actual manufacturing and construction of solar photovoltaic panels and may also be involved in carrying out maintenance and repairs on them. Both solar installers and engineers are considered electric and solar specialists.

Furthermore, solar specialists must often educate and inform solar customers about solar energy and how to get the most out of their solar panels. A solar specialist or solar engineer needs to be knowledgeable about and skilled in technologies, methods, and standards for electric and renewable energy power generation, among others.

The future is bright for professionals in the solar industry. Specialists can find a variety of career opportunities for large solar companies, consultancies, engineering companies, construction companies, solar manufacturers, or solar energy startup companies around the world. Solar specialists have a fantastic opportunity to make a positive impact on the environment and help bring clean energy to people.

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Common solar specialist responsibilities

  • Engaging with customers to educate, inform and sell solar panel projects;
  • Coordinating and managing solar installation projects for residential, governmental, or commercial purposes;
  • Reviewing and interpreting solar electrical diagrams, drawings, and plans;
  • Monitoring and reviewing solar panels, installation sites, and reporting on issues or progress;
  • Staying up to date on latest solar energy and renewable energy sector developments;
  • Traveling to solar energy sites;
  • Supervising junior solar specialists and other team members, providing trainings when needed;
  • Delivering solar project outputs in compliance with relevant requirements, codes, and certifications, and in line with customer needs and demands;
  • Assuring the safety of team members.

Qualifications for solar specialists

Solar specialists should have at least a technical or trade certification. A Bachelor’s degree in a technical field such as Engineering, Renewable Energy, or related is advantageous, particularly if the goal is to work as a solar engineer.

Additional supporting skills and experience include:

  • 2+ years of experience;
  • Strong problem-solving skills to diagnose and overcome challenges;
  • Thorough understanding of the developments in the solar energy and renewable energy markets;
  • Interested and willing to be lead or coordinate solar energy sales through marketing, customer engagement, and related;
  • Proficient in latest computer software used in managing solar energy projects;
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills to be able to work easily with customers, solar engineers, technicians, specialists, and other team members;
  • Some work experience gained through an apprenticeship or in a similar role is an advantage.

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