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Document Controller

Are you a real organiser with an eye for detail? Step into the role of a document controller and embark on a journey where your expertise ensures the heartbeat of information pulses through every corner of an organisation.

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Document controller job description

A Document Controller is a crucial asset for any business, responsible for maintaining organised and up-to-date documents using advanced software. This role involves digitising paper documents, ensuring secure storage, and overseeing the distribution of accurate information throughout the organisation. 

In industries like construction, Document Controllers manage technical documents such as blueprints, fostering smooth collaboration among professionals. They handle document verification, scanning, and photocopying, while also writing reports and ensuring easy document access across departments.

Document controller responsibilities

As a Document Controller, you will be the steward of precision in document management. Key duties of a document controller often include:

  • Copying, scanning, and securely storing documents.
  • Reviewing and editing files for accuracy and contract compliance.
  • Monitoring technical documents, ensuring updates and accuracy.
  • Distributing project-related copies to teams for seamless collaboration.
  • Facilitating document access and retrieval upon request.
  • Digitising physical documents through scanning and uploading.
  • Crafting and adapting document templates for contracts.
  • Managing document movement across the organisation, including sensitive materials.
  • Organising physical and digital records in a systematic filing system.
  • Collecting, scanning, and uploading documents following established procedures.
  • Registering essential technical documents in the system.
  • Using SmartSolve Document Management for daily operations and quality control.
  • Communicating updates and document access to personnel.
  • Printing and dispatching documents promptly as needed.
  • Collaborating with various departments for effective document handling.
  • Creating templates for future document use.
  • Responsively retrieving files for employees and clients.
  • Orchestrating efficient document flow within the organisation.
  • Ensuring confidentiality of sensitive information and agreements.
  • Generating ad-hoc project progress reports.

Document controller qualifications

Embarking on the journey to become a skilled Document Controller offers several pathways for qualification. You can choose to pursue your career by completing a university or college course, or even opt for an apprenticeship, each providing a distinct route towards this role.

To become a successful Document Controller, certain requirements and skills are essential.
These include:

  • Experience: Proven work experience in Document Control or similar roles.
  • Education: An associate degree or higher in Computer Science, Business Administration, or related fields.
  • Technical Savvy: Familiarity with a range of office software and document management systems.
  • File Management: Competence in working with different file types and document capturing systems.
  • Organisation: Ability to organise and maintain physical and digital documents with meticulous attention to detail.
  • Communication: Effective communication skills for seamless interaction with diverse departments.
  • Time Management: Proficiency in multitasking and timely task resolution.
  • Regulatory Knowledge: Understanding of relevant document handling regulations.
  • Project Insight: Basic knowledge of project management principles.
  • Typing and Writing: Proficient typing, report writing, and editing skills.
  • EDMS Familiarity: Knowledge of Electronic Document Management Systems (EDMS).

These qualifications and skills will empower you to excel as a Document Controller, ensuring the efficient management of information flow within an organisation.

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