Lifetime Testing Li-ion Battery Project Overview

Solutions for everyday electromobility and the use of renewable energies. Development of battery systems, power electronics and electric machines.


Leading laboratory in Germany for lifetime tests on Li-ion batteries for electric vehicles. The laboratory only does endurance tests and is therefore looking for a partner to offer all other necessary tests around these batteries.


Work Scope

Brunel will be providing “full service tests” around these batteries as a partner to our client. Such laboratories are still very rare in Germany. Currently we are checking the permission for use of the authorities on our premises. We also estimate necessary investments for security technology.


Brunel project team

Under this contract Brunel will be providing “full service tests” around Li-ion batteries batteries with a team of:


  • R&D Engineers
  • Development & Manufacturing Engineers
  • Process & Chemical Engineers
  • Test Engineers
  • Software-Developers

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