HVDC Offshore Platforms HelWin I, HelWin II, BorWin II, SylWin I

Locations: Offices in Hamburg and Erlangen; Onsite in Kiel and Rostock; Project offshore in German North Sea

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HVDC Offshore Platforms HelWin I, HelWin II, BorWin II, SylWin I Projects Overview

Our client is currently under a contract to implement five North Sea grid connection projects for European electricity transmission system operator TenneT, including the installation of high-voltage direct current (HVDC) offshore platforms HelWin I, HelWin II, BorWin II and SylWin I in the North Sea.

Located approximately 70km to the west of the island of Sylt, the 864MW SylWin1 platform will convert alternating currents coming from the Dan Tysk, Butendiek and Sandbank offshore wind farms into direct current.

Work Scope

Supply of key personnel for the duration of the Planning, Engineering, Transport & Installation, and Commissioning Phases and for the Service Planning of HVDC Offshore Platforms.

Brunel project team

■ HSE Manager
■ HSE Advisor
■ Client Representative Offshore
■ Client Representative Onshore (Site)
■ Project/Interface Engineer  Steel
■ Project/Interface  Engineer Outfitting
■ Project/Interface Engineer Electrical Engineering High Voltage
■ Project/Interface Engineer Electrical Engineering
■ Low Voltage
■ Sub Project Manager Steel
■ Sub Project Manager Electrical Engineering
■ Document Controller
■ Marine Coordinator
■ Offshore Staff Planner
■ Offshore Coordinator
■ Transport & Installation Manager Electrical Engineering
■ Transport & Installation Manager Outfitting 
■ Transport & Installation Manager Steel/Foundation
■ Commissioning Engineer Electrical Engineering
■ Commissioning Engineer Outfitting
■ Maritime Commissioning Surveyor
■ Engineering Draftsman
■ Platform Manager HSE
■ Surveyor Electrical Engineering
■ Surveyor Outfitting
■ Surveyor Steel / Welding Engineer
■ Surveyor Steel / Coating FROSIO
■ Quality Engineer
■ Load Engineer
■ Project Assistant
■ Service Coordinator
■ Site Manager
■ Deputy Site Manager
■ Grouting Expert
■ Document Controller

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