Energy Storage Block Technology Project Overview

New cell technologies developing and validating the latest generations of energy storage blocks, incorporating the very latest cell technology. Currently cells are available in a wide variety of chemical compositions within the realm of lithium-ion battery technology (Lithium-iron phosphate, lithium-titanate and lithium-nickel-manganese-cobalt-oxide are just 3 examples of the types of active materials being used).


In the foreseeable future, silicon on the anode will play an increasingly major role. Solid-state batteries are also gaining ground and are progressing in leaps and bounds to become market-ready. Dual-layer capacitors are also being used ever more frequently in applications that require very high powers.


Work Scope

Development of innovative energy storage solutions specialised in one of the key technologies of the future. Locating the very latest lithium-ion battery technology inside a purpose-built housing developed by the company itself means that customers are able to rely on a highly flexible system that can be used in a broad range of applications, for example charging infrastructure.


Brunel project team

Brunel was awarded a contract to provide project engineering  services during feasibility studies and  conceptual engineering work of various battery storage concepts:


  • Supply Chain Management
  • Disposition, logistics, incoming and outgoing goods, SAP-data administration
  • Development-Engineer
  • Coordinator between development and testing (Mechatronik)
  • Software-Developer C/C#
  • For the real-time acquisition of all relevant data from the battery-management-system (BMS)
  • SAP-Process-expert
  • Coordinator for the implementation of a new CRM on basis SAP B1, including management of IT-service providers

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