Talent Acquisition

Leveraging data to identify top talent and maximize value

Finding the right candidate for the right role can be a puzzle — attracting and retaining top talent is critical for success. Brunel’s Talent Acquisition Center (TAC) identifies, recruits and delivers expertise directly to you, streamlining the process and saving you money.

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Data-driven Solutions that Work

As a recognized sourcing expert center, Brunel’s Talent Acquisition team is continually researching, evaluating and advising our clients on the latest digital market trends — including candidate engagement metrics, competitive intelligence, social media analytics, digital talent marketing and sourcing strategies.


Analytics that Improve Profitability

Data analytics allows us to capture and interpret large data sets to guide business decisions. Our analytical tools can boost business performance by placing useful information in front of decision-makers and improving profitability as a result.


Unrivalled Talent Acquisition & HR

Whether it’s sourcing local or expat talent, headhunting services, supply of extra workforce in-country for busy periods or communications in-country with authorities, we cover every human resource need.


Decision-Changing Market Intelligence

Brunel’s Market Intelligence services provide vital insights into pre-planning and forecasting of workforce requirements, talent management and retention, labour market mapping, cost and budgeting of workforce and up-to-date market rate information per position.

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Proven Strategies for Short and Long-term

Brunel’s approach is fully focused towards building candidate relationships, creating a sustainable pool of qualified candidates and anticipating future hiring needs of clients. This develops and nurtures a talent pipeline with a long-term view while responding to short and mid-term demand.