Staff Secondment

Enabling clients to place their staff in a new location and work compliantly

Without the necessary compliance, support and legal permissions, expanding your projects overseas can become an arduous and overwhelming task. By acting as your local employer, Brunel’s specialized co-contract service simplifies the process through vital compliance, mobility and project support — enabling you to focus on the project without distractions.

Through using Brunel’s Secondment Model, Brunel shares the responsibility of supporting and managing your staff team, easing the burden of the project owners while providing a seamless and compliant transition into the project location.

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Your Local Experts

As the local specialist in the project location, Brunel’s knowledge of compliance and tax is paramount to our service delivery, together with on-the-ground mobility and support solutions that can be tailored to suit single or accompanied status personnel.

Data Protection

Maintain Control while Reducing Risk

Clients are able to employ skilled internal talent in foreign countries while reducing risk and maintaining control over the management process. Our comprehensive solution allows employees to maintain elements of their home country entitlements while being engaged compliantly in the project location. When the project is completed, they can easily transition back to their base country and their standard employment conditions, while Brunel settles all assignment-related tax and compliance matters on their behalf.


Aligned to Your Policies, Not Ours

Brunel is acutely aware of the difference between supporting staff personnel compared to contractors, and we work in accordance to client policy and procedures to ensure as little disruption to working conditions as possible. Our mobility services are also aligned to client policy, with all housing, schooling, and transport support realising budget and quality expectations.


Compliancy and Transparency Guaranteed

Brunel’s responsibility is to provide a safe and compliant work environment for all client personnel. Brunel will act as an extension of the client themselves, aligning budget and policy to ensure all staff employees receive benefits and support in accordance to client/project requirements.