Everything you need to know about being a Tool Pusher

Where do they work and what do they do?

A Tool Pusher typically reports into the OIM when offshore, or the Rig Superintendent when onshore.

They are responsible for all drilling and well intervention activities, and for the health & safety of all personnel working within their team.

The Tool Pusher assumes responsibility for all drilling rig modules and equipment.

Day-to-day, the role will involve:

■ Liaising closely with their Rig Manager on all key issues.

■ Supervising all drilling, work over (and/or concurrent well intervention where appropriate) and well maintenance activities, including the management of the integrated services contractors and support personnel, to ensure that all operations meet contractual quality and performance criteria.

Tool Pushers are in charge of ensuring the rig has all necessary tools, equipment, and supplies. They work closely with the representative of the operating/exploration company in regard to the actual drilling of the well.

There is also somewhat of an administrative role, as they frequently do paperwork related to the rig crew regarding payroll, benefits, and related matters.

How to become a Tool Pusher?

Tool Pushers usually start at an entry-level position (i.e., a roustabout or roughneck) and work their way up over several years. With the advancement in offshore drilling technology, cyber drilling experience is normally required before a driller can be promoted to the position of Tool Pusher.

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