Supply Chain Management in Oil and Gas

What is Supply Chain Management?

Also known as SCM, the supply chain is the overall management of the manufacture and acquisition of goods and services, covering everything involved in turning raw materials into final products. It involves a huge amount of planning, procurement, negotiation and logistics to work efficiently, and companies which do it well are able to keep costs under control while delivering their projects as quickly as possible.

Where does it belong in the project lifecycle?

From the perspective of the Operator or end client, SCM is involved from the moment they decide to start a project. All services involved in delivering every aspect of the project, from renting a drilling rig through to purchasing custom-manufactured pipelines, needs to be planned and executed.

Common job titles

Procurement Manager

Supply Chain Manager



Contracts Administrator

Logistics Controller

Warehouse Manager

Supply Chain Advisor

Materials Coordinator

Procurement Specialist

Contract Negotiator

Category Analyst

Category Specialist

Purchasing Assistant

Contracts and Procurement Manager