Subsea engineering

Subsea Engineering is a very specialised field which is responsible for designing, building, installing and maintaining the underwater components used to produce oil and gas.

Various technologies are used depending on the specific requirements of a project, often dictated by the environmental conditions which will be encountered. Key issues which need to be considered are the high pressures, temperature variations and oceanic weather.

The development of deep water fields further offshore has seen the technical complexity of a project increase, and with it the demand for ever more sophisticated technology.

Where does it belong in the project lifecycle?

For an offshore project, subsea engineering is integral across the whole lifecycle, from the initial exploration drilling, through to monitoring and maintaining production.

Common job titles in subsea

 Subsurface Engineer
Subsea Engineer
Riser Analyst
Xmas Tree Engineer
Subsea Materials Engineer
Subsea Pipeline Engineer
Decommissioning Engineer
Artificial Lift Engineer
ROV Pilot
Subsea Control Systems Engineer