Quality Inspection, Quality Assurance and Quality Control

Quality Assurance and Quality Control both ensure that industry standards, regulations and guidelines are met for every element of a project. All the materials, equipment, components and structures will be subject to inspections that are guided by mandatory regulations, technical specifications from the contracts and quality standards.

Where does it belong in the project lifecycle?

Any supplier which wants to take part in a project will probably have to demonstrate that they meet the quality and regulatory standards of the end client.


Throughout the design and engineering phases, the specifications, drawings and standards will be assessed to make sure they meet regulations.


Inspectors will visit contractors, manufacturers and sub-contractors to undertake audits both before and during manufacturing and construction. These may be factory acceptance tests, materials tests, welding inspections or looking at how documentation is stored.

Common job titles

Quality Assurance Manager

Welding Inspector

QA Inspector

Painting & coatings inspector

Inspection Coordinator

Plant Inspector

Vendor Inspector

NDT Inspector

Electrical and Instrument Inspector

Quality Control Engineer